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MARCH 2016


Thanks to the Metro District for hosting and the exper-       fice rules, we’ll be able to consistently post the first day of
tise of Chris Korinke to make it happen, we are moving                                              the month. So start look-
forward rapidly with plans to make the Sentinel an online                                           ing for the next one on
magazine. The February and March editions have already                                              April 1. No joke.
been put online as examples of how you will access the
Sentinel in the future. This, the March issue, is probably                                          This has not been an
the last professionally printed copy of the Sentinel you                                            easy choice. I have been
will receive.                                                                                       in some form of print
                                                                                                    journalism for 62 years.
There are two addresses that will allow you to reach the                                            Yeah, that long. But I
online issues of the Sentinel:                                                                      understand that without
                                                                                                    the internet, the Sentinel
1. will take you directly to the                                              would simply cease to
Sentinel page. Simply clicking on the front page of the                                             exist. We can no longer
Sentinel pictured will produce a flip book. You’ll still be                                          afford to print and mail it.
turning all the familiar pages you associate with the print-                                        Each edition costs about
ed versions—with the mouse. You can download a copy                                                 $4000, and despite dona-
or print a copy—or read it online. You can come back to       tions and advertising, finances are stretched to the limit.
it again and again. It will not go away (or be thrown out).   We were only able to pay the bills for the December is-
Issues will be archived for several months at least.          sue because of one very generous donation mid-month.
                                                              That’s scary!
2. will take you to the home page of the
Perry Park Metro District. On the right hand side of the      The hardest calls I’ve received are from long-time readers
page is a picture of the Sentinel front page. Just click. If  and supporters who are simply not comfortable with any
you live in Perry Park Ranch, you should already have         web activity. They are sure they will never be able to ac-
this website bookmarked. Use it often because in addition     cess the Sentinel. But this is a great neighborhood. If you
to the Sentinel there is a wealth of information for resi-    cannot reach the Sentinel online yourself, ask a neighbor
dents of Perry Park Ranch about everything from slash         to print it out for you. Conversely, if you have a neighbor
pickup to local animal codes. Metro District minutes are      you suspect may be uncomfortable with computers, print
online, and currently there is an audio of the recent Metro   out the Sentinel and take it by. Offer to teach that person
Board meeting with members of law enforcement about           basic internet use.
marijuana grow houses in our area.
                                                              If you are simply terrified of computers or don’t even own
How will we notify you when the Sentinel is online and        one but still want to read the Sentinel, call me. We’ll fig-
ready to be read? I don’t know. There will be no individ-     ure something out. Meanwhile—keep reading and keep
ual notification, i.e.: we won’t develop an email database.    advertising! It’s still the same publication!
We’ll start with the Larkspur Facebook pages, but I hope      ~Karen Dale
without interference from printing schedules and Post Of-
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