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APRIL 2016


Though April [snow] showers may come your                        flung parts of the globe. Parents, kids
way,                                                             at college, your old friends in Milwau-
They bring the flowers that bloom in May.                         kee, a grandson in Japan, your previous
                                                                 neighbor who moved to Minot—they
So keep on looking for a                              can all now get news of our Larkspur neighbor-
blue bird, And list’ning                              hood with the flick of the mouse.
for his song,
Whenever April [snow]                                 So it should be good...  ...but one never
showers come along.                                   knows.

Apologies to the leg-                                 People are never predictable, are they?
endary Al Jolson who
wrote the lyrics to April Showers. It’s a lovely old  There’s the same good stuff here. Beary Bear is
song—plays through my head every April:               back—his reclusive winter is over too. There’s a
                                                      wonderful story and picture about Random Acts
And where you see [snow] clouds upon the              of Kindness at Larkspur Elementary, and we have
hills,                                                a new voice for Picks and Pans. In case you’ve
You soon will see crowds of daffodils...              forgotten, Dru Anderson decided to retire from
                                                      the column after umpteen years, but we have a
                      *********                       new standard bearer. Send in your consumer ex-
This April, right now, is the beginning of a new      periences, recommendations and complaints and
life for the Perry Park Sentinel. Welcome to the      keep him busy!
digital edition—the only form in which it will ap-
pear from now on. We hope it will survive in this     In the meantime—
form, that the change in delivery method will not     happy reading and
cause too many readers and advertisers to drop        happy spring.
off. Please help get the word out so we can make
sure everyone knows how to access it.                 ~KDale

Theoretically we should get a broader
readership because it’ll be easily accessed
by snowbirds off in Arizona and Florida
and by relatives of Larkspur-area residents in far
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