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WALT’S WORDS Continued from page 9                                     ing continues to fill in the few remaining tracts in the area.

                                   closures. The Powers/Stetson        LARKSPUR – Land work continues on the truck stop, and the
                                   Hills operation may not have lived                                      new Pet Hospital is really look-
                                   up to performance standards, but                                        ing good as it nears an opening.
                                   the city does as Ruby Tuesday                                           Along Spruce Mountain Road,
                                   management seeks to find a new                                           another one of the +10-acre
                                   franchisor under the prognosis                                          estate parcels has just seen a
                                   that a local-based entrepeneur can                                      ground breaking .
                                   perform better than a bulky cor-
porate structure. They believe that the community could sup-                                               Another small grass fire on #105
port a half-dozen well located stores to open in the next couple       in November reminds the area that all the dry grasslands in the
of years. There is always room for another “good” restaurant.          area are potential fuel for fast running fires. This last one ignit-
Just takes $1.5 to $2 million per store to make it happen.             ed by a lawn mower (doesn’t take much to start a grass fire).

It has been six years                                                  DENVER – Providing the finishing touch to the Union Sta-
since the POLARIS                                                                                             tion project (opened 2014) is
POINTE development                                                                                            the announcement by the East
(Bass Pro Center)                                                                                             West Partners/Amstar Advisor
received its urban re-                                                                                        development group of their
newal designation with                                                                                        ground breaking on the high-
plans to develop two                                                                                          rise condominium project,
million square feet of                                                                                        THE COLORADAN. This
commercial space on the 200-acre parcel. The 120,000 square                                                   brings more needed living fa-
foot Bass Pro was a great start. Included in the overall complex
is the retail complex on the east side of Voyager Parkway where        cilities to the area and one of a few providing individual owner-
Sprouts and Ace recently opened and additional retail space is         ship opportunity. It also enhances the area with more 24- hour
currently under construction. Activity on the large tract of land      living to the Union Station neighborhood which is becoming
anchored by the Bass Pro has been slow but ongoing. Some of            the new downtown core. Scheduled for completion in Septem-
the most recent additons to the complex have been Magnum               ber 2018, the 334-unit $200 million condominium project will
Shooting Center (33,000 sf), Overdrive Raceway (34,000 sf),            contain 33 “affordable” units priced in the upper $200,000’s
Boot Barn (10,000 sf), Southern Hospitality Steakhouse (9,500          and another 294 units ranging from the high $200,000’s up to
sf), a car wash (20,000 sf) and about a dozen other shops. A           seven 19th floor penthouses priced from $1.6 to $3 million. The
new six-tenant building has just been completed behind the             ground floor of the 19- story building will have 19,000 square
Loaf & Jug service station and three new tenants (Shots Coffee,        feet of retail space and parking will be provided in a 447-space
Growler and Dog Haus) are preparing to open. Another small             garage. The amenities include a rooftop pool deck and club
two-tenant building has just been completed to the west of the         room, a fitness room and a residents’ garden. The project is
Loaf & Jug, and a third small building adjacent has just com-          located at 1750 Wewatta Street, a one-acre block, located be-
menced dirt work. Currently no sign of the 135 room Grand              tween the train platform and the under construction Pivot Den-
Resort Hotel (and 32,000 sf water park) that was rescheduled           ver apartment complex.
to commence in the third quarter, and before the regional mall
portion can commence, it will take a clear sign that the Citiy’s                                        On-going area information can
extension of Powers Parkway is ready to commence. I expect                                              be found on the FACEBOOK site
the project’s window is much larger than originally anticipated,                                        “Perry Park Sentinel” and in post-
but hopefully with time, North Academy Drive will have a large                                          ings as they occur at on the recently
retail complex that we can all easily access and enjoy, as house-                                       modernized site covering the many
                                                                                                        development activities along the I-
                                                                       25s corridor -


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              Larkspur, Colorado 80118
                   Cell 303-638-6762

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