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THE PERRY PARK SENTINEL                                                   called Sweet Dreams in a Bag. They give a bag of bedding to
DOES NOT PUBLISH IN JANUARY                                               children who are transitioning from a homeless shelter to a more
                                                                          permanent home. Included in those bags is a small stuffed ani-
Come the usual deadline of                                                mal. If you have new or nearly new Beanie Babies or small
December 20, staffers will                                                stuffed animals, please consider donating those to this very
have many things to do and                                                worthwhile endeavor. If you live near the elementary school,
places to see with families                                               call Irina Donaldson at 303-681-3118 to arrange for pick up. If
and friends, so we are taking                                             you live in Perry Park, call Dianne Clark at 303-378-5142 to
a year’s-end break. We’ll                                                 arrange for pick up. ~GSanders
be back in February, 2017.                                                PERRY PARK BOOK CLUB will meet on Tuesday, Decem-
                                                                          ber 20, at 10 a.m. at the home of Elizabeth Taylor, 8066 Ban-
So in addition to wishing you a Merry Christmas, we also wish             nock Drive in Perry Park Ranch. The book for discussion is
you a Happy New Year this December. May 2017 be happy and                 The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, a novel set in
prosperous for us all.                                                    post-WWI Australia. All books read by the group are Book
                                                                          Club Express from the DC libraries. Additional information
Give thanks to and for the Sentinel writers, photographers and            and a reading list for 2017 are available at the website, http://
editors who helped make the 2016 Sentinel memorable, espe-      
cially in light of the fact that this is the year we went digital:        THE RINK AT THE ROCK at 414 North Perry in Castle

Karen Dale, Linda Ross, Diane Jauch, Garland Reed, Walter                                                                  Continued on page 3
Korinke, Chris Korinke, Susan Peters, Ginny and Ken Sand-
ers, Jim Matchett, Michael Stone, Sarah Bretz, John Cochran,                  20% OFF
Michael Montgomery, Cindy and Krystine Cramer, Jim Col-
lier, Larry Schlupp, Lisa Warteman, Carol Krueger, Carissa                         one regularly-priced item*
O’Donnell and Dru Anderson.
                                                                                            *Valid only at the participating store
Several of the 2016 columnists have retired or moved, and Lin-                              listed. One discount per purchase.
da Ross, associate editor and writer for five years, has moved                               Offer not valid on previous purchases,
out of state. People move and lives change, but the Sentinel                                gift cards, optics, DSC memberships
remains the voice of the Larkspur communities. New writers                                  or sale items. Offer valid 12/01/16
and photographers are always welcome. This is a community                                   thru 12/24/16. Code: PPS
newspaper. We need new voices, many different voices, from
the entire community. So in 2017 help the Sentinel reach more                                320 W. Allen Street, Castle Rock, CO 80108
of the Larkspur community—an article, a picture, a suggestion,                               (303) 660-6334 •
it’s all good. Contact Karen Dale at Sentineleditor10@msn.
com.                                                                                             BIRD FOOD • FEEDERS • GARDEN ACCENTS • UNIQUE GIFTS

                                    LARKSPUR TREE LIGHT-
                                    ING: Saturday, December 3, 4
                                    p.m.-dusk at the town park. Over
                                    forty trees will be lighted at once.
                                    Santa, hayrides, bonfires, food
                                    and more!

COLORADO GIVES DAY: For the seventh year, Communi-
ty First Foundation and FirstBank will present Colorado Gives
Day on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. This annual statewide
movement celebrates and increases philanthropy in Colorado
through online giving. The $1 Million Incentive Fund created
by the partners is one of the largest gives-day incentive funds
in the country. For additional information and to see the Doug-
las County non-profits who are members of this coalition, visit
the county page at

THE BLANKET BRIGADE makes quilts to give to anyone
needing special comfort while dealing with loss, illness or dif-
ficult circumstances. One of our partners is an organization

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