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DON’T MESS WITH LARKSPUR!                                           Mail-reported to DC Sheriff

Sue Kober...

Like many environmental
problems, litter is caused
by human behavior.
Whether intentional or ac-
cidental, litter begins with
the individual.

Almost 65 years ago, with
the construction of the In-
terstate Highway System
and the increased mobility
of many, the Americans
Keep America Beautiful
campaign against littering
was founded. The origi-
nal goal of the organiza-
tion was to reduce litter
through public service ad-
vertising (PSA) campaigns.

It was also from this campaign, the “Don’t mess with Texas”
public education program evolved to promote litter prevention
programs and grassroots efforts to clean up the roads!

So what does this have to do with Larkspur you might ask?
Over the past year or so we have seen a significant increase in
the amount of trash along our roads and especially in those ar-
eas “off the beaten track,” those dirt roads, where so many of us
love to walk with our families and pets, ride bikes and ATVs.

It’s also a place where some like to camp. We have come across
smoldering campfires surrounded by piles of broken glass and
trash. A wildfire is a disaster waiting to happen in this area.

From rolls of carpet, piles of roofing shingles to gas grills, car
bumpers, bicycles and lots of empty beer cans; people are just
choosing to dump this trash in Larkspur.

So perhaps it’s time for our own PSA- “Don’t mess with Lark-

If you see trash pick it up; talk to your family about the “pack
it in, pack it out” concept. Remind everyone of the danger of
leaving campfires unattended and burning. If you are doing any
remodeling ask the contractors where they plan to dispose of
the old materials, and if you see someone dumping, try to get a
description and license plate number and report it to the Doug-
las County Sheriff’s office. They have investigated possible
mail fraud from bunches of mail dumped. The Larkspur Fire
Department has responded to potential fire danger.

I know that many people who frequent this area make the effort
to pick up trash and report dangerous situations, but it takes all
of us to make a difference and put an end to this dumping. So
go “Talk Trash.” This is your opportunity!!

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