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WALT’S WORDS                                                              ers Gulch trail system encourages hiking/walking and pro-
                                                                          vides additional support to the commercial structure of the area
Walt Korinke...                                                           while enhancing the livability of the area. Simultaneously, the
                                                                          owner will be doing a $5 million upgrade to Festival Park and
The new source of power is not money                                      the Gulch as the project itself develops. Weather permitting, a
in the hands of a few, but information                                    full completion of RiverWalk is scheduled for fall 2018/spring
in the hands of many. John Naisbitt                                       2019.

Building continues along the I-25 south                                   The Golden-based de-
corridor at an amazaing pace; however                                     velopers, Confluence
the new starts or announcements for                                       Companies, have an
the month are primarily in the rapidly                                    excellent track record
expanding Castle Rock area.                                               for doing it right, prov-
                                                                          en by their other proj-
CASTLE ROCK – No longer a sleepy little town, the rap-                    ects in the Metropolitan
                                                     idly growing com-    Denver area. With their
                                                     munity of Castle     history of acquisition, development, construction and manage-
                                                     Rock with just       ment, they bring the complete package to the table.
                                                     over 60,000 resi-
                                                     dents changes at                                              More senior housing planned
                                                     every blink of the                                            for Castle Rock, but with a
                                                     eye. With over                                                new twist. The Proposed
                                                                                                                   HILLSIDE / ARBORS de-
$100 million of real estate activity in just the town’s center                                                     velopment will be a 120-unit
core, my compliments go out to the Castle Rock Develoment                                                          gated residential community
Services Department for the job they are doing. With the mas-                                                      consisting of single-family
sive 166 acre Promenade at Castle Rock, on the northside well                                                      and attached duplex homes
underway, the town’s second most important development is                 designed for seniors (55 years and up). The location is another
the scheduled kick off in January with The Riverwalk De-                  fill-in site on the north side of Wolfensberger between Coach-
velopment.                                                                line Road and Red Hawk Drive. This general area is becoming
                                                                          “senior” oriented with designated multi-family and senior care
With the enormous amount of peripheral growth in Castle Rock,             facilities along with nearby shopping, and most importantly,
the importance of maintaining a viable downtown is crucial in             the expanding medical facilities surrounding the rapidly grow-
order to avoid a future armpit in the center of the town. For a           ing Centura Adventist Hospital nearby. Just east of Hillside at
city center to be viable, it needs to provide a 24-hour experi-           Auburn Drive, Auburn Ridge is getting ready to start its sec-
ence, not a shutdown / go home at 5 p.m. persona. A solid core            ond phase to be known
of inner-town residents combined with places to work and shop             as AUBURN VILLAS,
are what make a town core successful, and prevents deteriora-             which will include both
tion, crime and other negative effects.                                   age restricted and non-age
                                                                          restricted dwelling units.
The RiverWalk North                                                       With all the growth in Cas-
and RiverWalk South                                                       tle Rock, it is good to see
Development is a $60                                                      the attention being given
million project that                                                      to senior living along with all the other growth. This phase is
will occupy two blocks                                                    adjacent to the south side of Auburn Ridge Senior apartments.
just south of the central                                                 They have also leveled the 4.8 acre site on their west side at the
business district start-                                                  corner of Wolfensberger and Auburn Drive which is designated
ing at the well known Mexican restaurant, the Blue Nectar                 for 96 additional units.
and crossing Seller’s Gulch to replace the former Town Center
Plaza. The dual building complex will include 228 multifam-                                                                   About a mile to
ily units, 21,000 square feet of office space and 10,000 square                                                                the north, directly
feet of retail and restaurant space. Parking will be provided for                                                             across from the
328 cars with both street level and sub-grade space. It joins the                                                             Centura Adventist
                                                                                                                              Hospital is a 14 acre
                                               new growth of mid-rise                                                         tract where the 240-
                                               space adding a five-sto-    unit ECHELON luxury rental apartments will be built in the
                                               ry and a six-story build-  Meadows PD. The project will consist of 24 two story build-
                                               ing to the inventory.
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                                               Its juxtaposition to the
                                               two sides of the Sell-

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