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WALT’S WORDS Continued from page 8                                     America at the Promenade, and is planning a new 5,300 square
                                                                       foot building on lot 2a-1, Block 4 which I believe is the large
ings plus a clubhouse. Originally zoned for 14,000 dwelling            parcel where the King Sooper Marketplace is under construc-
units, the Meadows PD was reduced to 10,644 in 2003 and cur-           tion. With $4.7 billion in assets, ENT services the area between
rently stands at just over half completed with 5,660 residential       Denver and Pueblo with over 25 service centers and 50 local
units to date.                                                         free charge ATMs. Ent is a non-profit financial coopeartive
                                                                       which anyone can join by opening a $5 savings account, and
                                      Activity continues to be forced  they are a very competitive lender for various financial needs.
                                      southward as the north side of
                                      Castle Rock is rapidly filling                                                  Last July, Channel 2
                                      up. The 48 acre industrial-                                                    (Fox31) did a piece on
                                      zoned landfill site located di-                                                 the aged Castle Rock
                                      rectly across from the new P.S.                                                Bar & Grill located
                                      Miller Park and Activity Center                                                in the center of Castle
                                      on Plum Creek Parkway is be-                                                   Rock’s old historic dis-
ing rezoned to include office, commercial, restaurant, entertain-       trict At 302-304 Wilcox, reporting 15 health code violations
ment and extended parking for the Park. Miller’s Landing will          ranging from rodents, flies and ants to improper food handling
require state supervised remediation of the land fill site with its     giving this two-star (yelp) rated facility an “F.” Today the prop-
high stacks of old asphalt and other materials readily visible to      erty is under a purchase contract, and the new owner is seek-
the drive-by. Prairie Hawk Drive will be extended through the          ing to modify the façade of the Landmark property. Hopefully,
development to Plum Creek Parkway, and the town’s trail sys-           work on the interior is planned as well, especially in the health
tem would be brought through the development and tie in the            category. We will see what the future holds for this purveyor of
downtown trails with the P.S. Miller Park.                             burgers and beer under the new ownership.

If you are an ENT Credit Union                                         COLORADO SPRINGS – Gone, but coming back again. The
member, you no longer have to                                          last of the RUBY TUESDAY Restaurants in the Springs closed
drive to Monument for their ser-                                       last August as a part of the chain’s 95 store underperforming
vices. ENT is joining another
new financial service, Bank of                                                                                          Continued on page 10

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