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The Perry Park


                                                                                      MAY 2017



              Springtime                                               This was beauty

              A season of renewal                                                 So pure, so perfect,
              A season of hope                                         It filled my very being

                                                                                  With awe and joy.
              It was the springtime
                        Of my life,                                    And unknowingly

                        My heart open                                  Became a treasure of mine
                        To beauty.                                     At unexpected moments

                                                                       In the winter of my life.
                                                                       A mental vision

              In the front yard                                                   Of those purple violets
              Of a small white collage                                 Brings a touch of springtime

                       Untended, unconfined                                       To my heart.
              Bloomed a host
                       Of beautiful purple violets,                    ~by Montez Smith,

              Their fragrance                                          Resident, Perry Park Ranch
                         Scenting the morning air.
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