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The Perry Park



        SO NOW IT’S AUGUST...

                                          The summer seems to be moving very quickly—or perhaps it’s just my age.
                                          Just last week it was April.  How did it get to be August?

                                          School starts on August 10—are you ready for that?  Believe it or not, there are
                                          some parts of the country where school still starts after Labor Day.  Of course,
                                          they don’t get out until mid-June. That was the schedule most of us “of a cer-
                                          tain age” grew up on—which made NO sense at all in Houston, Texas, in the
                                          days before schools were air-conditioned.  Can you imagine going to school
                                          without air or fans in 95 degrees, 90 percent humidity? Possible any day after
                                          April in Houston...for 12 long years...  It’s a wonder we lived to adulthood.

                                          The Perry Park Metro District finally got to present its 2017 Firewise program
                                          on July 20.  That’s the program that was snowed out in April and May.  Re-
                                          member snow?  How quickly we forget!

                                          And speaking of fire awareness, where else do people announce on Facebook
                                          that  they’re barbecuing ribs at such and such a location so neighbors won’t
                                          call the fire department in panic?

                                          Weatherwise,  the  summer  hasn’t  been  bad.   We’ve  even  had  a  little  rain.
                                          We’ve been under Stage I fire restrictions for most of the summer—but have
                                          gotten enough moisture that they were removed the end of July.  We may see
                                          them again, of course.  Fall can be a long, dry season. Yet, there are always
                                          August days when there’s a slight nip, a hint that the summer is ending and
                                          seasons changing. The promise of September...the promise of fall.
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