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The Perry Park


                                                                                         JUNE 2018

                            LARKSPUR WILDLIFE

        People come to our area for the scenery.  After they’ve been   eas they always ask about bear and lion sightings: “Seen any
        here a little while, they discover the wildlife.  It seems fairly   bears lately?”  Almost always the first topic of conversation!
        simple at first: a lot of people become birders, scatter bird feed-
        ers of various sorts in their trees, waiting each spring for the   With the proliferation of trail cams in recent years, we’re see-
        return of the bluebirds. And turkeys—always the turkeys. Then   ing  all  sorts  of  wild  things  we  might  have  missed  ten  years
        come the squirrels and raccoons—hey, we like bird seed too!  ago. Now I’ve seen them all with my very own eyes over the
                                                                  years—everything from raccoons swinging from the rafters to
        And  of  course  there  are                                                     the  mountain  lion  who  peered  in
        lots  of  deer—lots  and                                                        my  bedroom  window.    But  these
        lots of deer. The Sentinel                                                      days—three  mountain  lions  were
        once  ran  a  seasonal  col-                                                    captured  one  night  on  a  trail  cam
        umn called “Gardening in                                                        owned  by  my  neighbors—not  far
        a Deer Park.”  Soon we’ll                                                       from my bedroom windows!  With-
        have  more  because  the                                                        out the camera, I would never have
        fawns  are  due  any  min-                                                      known.
        ute.    I  have  at  least  four
        does wandering around on                                                        Bears wandering around on porch-
        my property.  They’re not                                                       es at night—mmm, now where did
        together.  Each one is pre-                                                     that  feeder  go?    Mountain  lions
        paring  a  nest  somewhere                                                      strolling through our yards in pairs
        here and grazing alone, all                                                     and trios...amazing.
        in  preparation  for  giving
        birth.                                                                          However,  the  best  pictures  are
                                                                                        taken in the daylight by some very
        The  does  will  leave  their                                                   talented  and  dedicated  local  pho-
        offspring  in  a  safe  place                                                   tographers  who  often  post  their
        during the day when they                                                        best  shots  on  the  Larkspur  Wild-
        graze, but inevitably some                                                      life page on Facebook, created by
        fawns will become adventurous and wander off.  Do not worry.    Sarah Heckathorn. Sarah and Kathy Meyer are local, licensed
        Mama will find them. Last year I had a fawn on my front porch   wildlife rehabilitators, and the FB page lets us see the photo-
        all day.  It was pretty obvious he had been left there by Mom   graphic progress of foxes, raccoons, and bunnies from lost and
        and told to stay put—mostly he did.  Wandered up and the down   often sick babies to spry young things almost ready to go back
        the walk a bit.  A couple of weeks later, I had twins on the   to the wild.
        porch.  Deer are not dumb.  They know there is no longer a
        dog living here. And there are geraniums on the porch for an   It has also become a gallery of our local wildlife (and some-
        afternoon snack!                                          times some not so local!) with stills and videos revealing what
                                                                  we missed while we were working or sleeping. Would you be-
        Beyond the deer—and never as obvious—there are the foxes   lieve a pelican swimming in the Gateway Pond in Perry Park?
        and the coyotes and the bobcats . .  .   And then the BIG GUYS,   Check out the FB page. You’ll really like it.
        bears and mountain lions.  When I meet friends from urban ar-
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