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                                will meet at 10 a.m. on Tuesday,        DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF’S
                                March 21 at the home of Reatha
                                Baker,  6509  Pike  Circle.  The            OFFICE HAS ENACTED
                                book for discussion is My Bril-         STAGE 1 FIRE RESTRICTIONS
                                liant  Friend,  a  novel  by  Elena
                                Ferrante about two girls growing     These restrictions will stay in place until the Front
        up in Italy in the second half of the twentieth century.  The   Range gets a good snow. Fire danger throughout
        book for April is Our Souls at Night, Colorado novelist Kent   the region is very high.
        Haruf’s  last work about the residents of Holt, Colorado, his
        fictional small town on the eastern plains.  All books are from   STAGE 1
        the Douglas County Library’s Book Club Express program, so   Not allowed:
        copies are available to readers.  Visitors and newcomers are   • No open burning of any kind.
        always welcome.  For additional information, see the website at   • No use of fireworks.          Allowed:
                                                                     • Fires within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves, fire-
        2017 ANNUAL DUES FOR PERRY PARK EAST HOA: It                 places  within  buildings,  charcoal  grill  fires  within
        is that time again for payment of 2017 PPE HOA annual dues.    developed residential or commercial areas, and fires
        Dues are $50 and should be paid the beginning of each calendar   within wood burning stoves within buildings only.
        year.  Dues can be sent to:  Perry Park East HOA, P. O. Box   • Professional fireworks displays permitted according
        161, Larkspur, Colorado  80118.                              to section 12-28-103 of the C.R.S.
                                                                     • Fire suppression or fire department training fires.
        THE  LARKSPUR  FREE  LIBRARY  (aka  the  Book  Ex-           • Small recreational fires at developed picnic or camp-
        change) is open each Saturday, except holidays,  10 a.m.-2 p.m.   ground sites contained in fixed permanent metal/steel
        Located at 9524 Spruce Mountain Road, the free library has   fire pits (rock fire rings are considered temporary and
        over 5000 volumes in categories such as popular and literary   not  permanent)  with  flame  lengths  not  in  excess  of
        adult fiction, crafts, DIY, and gardening.. We also have a wide   four feet.
        range of children’s books, from baby’s first readers to young   • Residential use of charcoal grills, Tiki torches, fires
        adults.  No  need  to  bring  one  to  take  one  (or  two  or  three),   in chimineas or other portable fireplaces or patio fire
        but donations are welcome. Stop in for a neighborly browse   pits, as long as the fires are supervised by a respon-
        through our easy to shop shelves, and share the literary love.   sible person at least 18 years old.
        For more information contact Cindy at 303-681-3046.          • Professional fireworks displays.

        THE LARKSPUR FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT was                    Violation of these fire restrictions is a Class-2 Petty
        among five rural fire departments in Douglas County to receive   Offense, punishable by up to a $1000.00 fine and a
        federal funds because these districts are often the first respond-  $10.00 surcharge
        ers to incidents in the Pike National Forest. The districts will
        use the money over the course of the year to update wildland
        fire equipment, purchase new rescue equipment, pay for train-  MARCH WITH THE LARKSPUR MOMS
        ing and improve their communication mechanisms.           Sarah Bretz, director...

        THE  BLANKET  BRIGADE  meets  on  the  first  and  third   Hello,  Larkspur  Moms!
        Wednesday of each month at the Perry Park Country Club at 10   The   Larkspur   Moms’
        a.m. to tie the quilts it donates to various charitable organiza-  group  is  always  looking
        tions. No sewing skills are required.  Please consider joining   for new moms to join our
        us. No sewing skills are required. We have a great time and   group.  We are open to any
        the quilts bring such comfort to the people we serve.  We are   mom in the Larkspur com-
        proud to say that Blanket Brigade members range in age from   munity and joining us is a great way to connect with other fami-
        12 years to 93 years!   The Blanket Brigade is a non-profit 501   lies, kiddos, and moms of course!  We host weekly play groups
        (C)3 and gratefully accepts any donations of fabric or batting   as well as a monthly moms’ night out. Check out our website
        that you might have.  You can contact Gwen Underwood at   at and feel free to email us anytime  and  her  phone  is  303-681-2125  or   at or request to join our Facebook
        Cindy Hotaling at  and her phone is 303-  page.  Here is what we have coming up this month:
        681-0374. ~GSanders
                                                                  Play Groups:
                                                                         • Wednesday, March 8th and Wednesday, March 15th:
                                                                  Play in the Park!
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