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MARCH 2017

                              HAPPY MARCH

        So I flip open my desk calendar to March                   lump all Celts under “Ireland.” I’m not Irish.
        to see what exciting events I can include in              Now,  I’m  all  for  green  beer  (once  a  year!),
        the March Sentinel, only to discover...                   but I don’t have a single ancestor from Ire-
        The only events on the March calendar are                 land.  Welsh,  Scottish,  both  Celtic,  but  no
        Ash  Wednesday,  Saint  Patrick’s  Day  and               Irish.  But  Ancestry  thinks  I’m  27  percent
        the  first  day  of  spring!    Oh—and  the  no-           Irish! Huh.  Well, so Happy St. Pat’s Day to
        tation  that  daylight  savings  time  begins             me—and to you. And don’t overdo the green
        March 12 (clock forward).                                 beer.                ~KDale

        That’s it. Great if you’re Irish, but if you’re
        not,  it’s  Ash  Wednesday  or  a  spring  bac-
        chanalia. And I’d be willing to bet that on
        that first day of spring, March 20, it’ll be
        cold and snowy and not exactly au naturel
        party time.

        I  even  checked  local  events  calendars—
        Larkspur,  Castle  Rock,  Monument.  Not
        a lot going on.  But since March is tradi-
        tionally  the  snowiest  month  in  Colorado,
        I guess people figure why schedule some-
        thing that’ll only be buried under two feet
        of snow?  Wait ‘til April—or May.

        The best I can do for March is send wishes
        for a Happy St. Pat’s Day.  Whether you’re
        Irish or not. Oh, hey, you know the DNA
        test  that  Ancestry  keeps  running  com-
        mercials  about---people  discovering  their
        ethnic heritage, etc?  I did it several years
        ago, and I can tell you that when Ances-
        try sends you the pie chart, they lie. They
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