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WORDS Continued from page 6                               other small pad kicked off in February on the southeast corner
                                                                  of the King Sooper parcel, which appears to be a single tenant
        just announced another big
                                                                  pad (more food?).
        growth field kick-off, edu-

        cation.   With a $3 million
                                                                  CASTLE PINES – About halfway between the Castle Pines
        infrastructure  investment                                                          and  RidgeGate  I-25  exits,  a
        commitment from the town,                                                           new  steel  frame  structure  is
        ARAPAHOE  COMMU-                                                                    arising on the west side of the
        NITY COLLEGE (ACC)                                                                  highway  which  when  com-
        is  acquiring  a  14-acre  site                                                     pleted will be the new home of
        at  the  northeast  quadrant                                                        the  CASTLE  PINES  COM-
        of the Castle Rock Adven-                                                           MUNITY  CHURCH  (Bap-
        turist Hospital.  Plans call for a two phase development of 2                       tist) pastored by Chuck Angel.
        – 54,000 square foot buildings where the new “collaborative                         They will move from their cur-
        college” led by ACC along with participation by Colorado State                      rent space at the King Sooper
        University (CSU) and the Douglas County School District will   Center.  The site consists of 12.66 acres, and the multi-use facil-
        offer classes in business, healthcare, technology and program-  ity will serve as a church, day care center and youth performing
        ing, general education and workforce training with the ability to   arts center.  Pastor Angel was installed in January 2014, making
        obtain  a bachelor’s degree.  The first phase is targeted to open   the CPCC his 5th church of his 26-year career.
        in the fall of 2019.
                                                                  MONUMENT – After many years of enjoyable cuisine in a
                                   The  Promenade  at  Castle     pleasant indoor and outdoor set-
                                   Rock  –  Sam’s  Club  had  its   ting, we lost Shani’s Café about
                                   well-attended  opening  on     two years ago.  Glad to see a new
                                   January  25  and  is  drawing   local  run  operation  is  redoing
                                   in  the  crowds  with  its  fresh   the  space  and  should  be  open-
                                   new look.  You can even use    ing in the spring.  The BLACK
                                   their smart phone app to scan   FOREST CAFÉ & DELI brings
                                   your  items  and  pay  without   back another quaint – non-fran-
        going  through  the  checkup                              chise - eatery to historic Monument’s Art District.  The address
        line.  Soon to follow (May 17)                            is 140 2nd Street.
        will be the large King Sooper                                                              Continued on page 9

                                                                    Computer Support
                                                                    Computer Support
        Construction activity abounds
        with  more  retail/commercial                               Computer Support
        buildings  scattered  over  the
        development  and  the  large
        apartment project on its northeast boundaries should be ready   When you need it. Where you need it.
        for initial occupancies by late spring/early summer.  The de-
                                   veloper continues to be tight     Local, hometown computer support for your home or
                                   lipped about naming new ten-      office. Larkspur resident with 35 years of computer and
                                   ants, but the next posted ten-   customer support experience. Fair and honest service.
                                   ant is  CLUB  PILATES that
                                   will occupy the center portion   HARDWARE SUPPORT: System troubleshooting & repair, Upgrade
                                   of the new building at the top   analysis & recommendations, Laptop, LCD Monitor & Electronic
                                   of the hill between the Verizon   repairs, Network hardware installation & configuration.
                                   building  and  the  large  strip,   SOFTWARE SUPPORT:  ALL versions of MS Windows desktops,
        which includes the Homestore.  The long awaited $5,976,000,    RedHat Linux operating systems.  Virus, Malware & Spyware

        24-Hour Fitness center is targeting a very challenging April   removal, User Data Recovery and transfer , System Administration
        completion.  The large fa-                                  training, Assistance with application software problems.
        cility should fulfill all your
        exercise   requirements.                                                  Black Bear DigitalBlack Bear Digital
        Two  other  retail  group-
        ings are under construction                                                FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION!
        to  the  north  and  south  of
        Lowes  and  should  house                                                      303.681.9432
        about  20  small  tenants
        with availability by mid-summer.  Lots more to come!   An-                     ������������������������
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