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WORDS Continued from page 8                               crown, they announced a 5-year plan to expand by 1,000 units
                                                                  to a 7,500 worldwide total (McDonald’s has about 35,000 units
                                  Unfortunately, around the cor-  worldwide).
                                  ner  at  3rd  and  Front  St.  we
                                  are  losing  another  downtown                            The  new  CHICK-FIL-A
                                  landmark,  the  FROG  ON  A                               opened  in  January  over  by
                                  LIMB PRIMITIVES, which                                    the Car Wash, adjacent to the
                                  is  holding  a  “going  out  of                           Taco Bueno.   The first  three
                                  business” sale.  Mark and Jes-                            tenants (Broken Bones BBQ,
                                  sica are closing the shutters on                          Postal  Annex  and  Home
        their homegrown artistry store where their motto was “Hand-                         Care  Assistance)  have  oc-
        made! Our artisans love what they do and they do what they                          cupied  a  portion  of  the  new
        love. All of our products are cut, turned, sewed, sanded, paint-  shops between the new Sprouts and Ace Hardware and the free
        ed, poured, hammered, nailed, fixed, fastened, mixed, matched,   standing NEWTON LIQUOR STORE is working on the inte-
        batched  or  baked  by  human                             rior space with a late spring opening planned.  On the drawing
        hands.”                                                   board, but not started yet, is a 5,600 square foot LONGHORN
                                                                  STEAKHOUSE, which will be the fourth in Colorado and the
        On Baptist Road, the first of                              first for the Springs.  A part of the Darden group (Olive Garden,
        the  new  collection  of  small                           etc.), there are 470 Longhorn restaurants located in 40 states.
        buildings  under  construction                            Great steaks, grilled chicken, Atlantic salmon and baby-back
        just beyond the King Sooper                               ribs top the menu.
        Center has opened a 7-Eleven/Conoco quick service and gas
        station.                                                  The waiting game is now
                                                                  over  as  the  owner  of  the
        PALMER LAKE – The town is known for its speed traps and   15-acre  parcel  adjacent
                                     its  fine  dining.    At    the   to  the  Bass  Pro  has  an-
                                     north end and just slightly   nounced that he NO LON-
                                     removed  from  the  collec-  GER plans to develop the
                                     tion of restaurant choices,   proposed  COLORADO
                                     the  nice  little  grey  build-  GRAND  RESORT  &
                                     ing  at  292  W  Hwy  105    HOTEL.  His dream of a 311 room family resort and 50,000
                                     (between  the  Post  Office   square foot water park has been replaced with his current retire-
                                     and  the  Arts  Center)  is   ment plans and closure of his construction company.  Though
                                     about  to  make  a  third  try   still an effective location for a hotel, the new Great Wolf Lodge
        at getting it right.  It’s first effort was the Amuze Bistro, a high   and waterpark one exit to the south pretty much quashes the
        end specialty epicurean delight that was followed in 2013 by   marketability of a second water park.  The parcel has been list-
        the Parked Pierogi, which had a good draw around its various   ed for sale.
        types of Pierogis (Polish dumplings), but even after a one-week
        closing and reopening with new investors, failed to make a go   The developer of Polaris Pointe, Gary Erickson gave his prog-
        at it.  Hopefully, the next effort with a German flavored menu   ress  update  to  the  Urban  Renewal Authority  and  announced
        will be a lasting success as April Fullman prepares to open The   plans for the start later this year on a bridge linking the northern
        STUB.  I love German food and I plan on being one of their   and southern portions of the 200-acre property as he continues
        first patrons                                              to plan for the ultimate 2 million square foot retail center.  He
                                                                  is currently working with an unnamed 40,000 square foot pros-
        COLORADO SPRINGS – POLARIS POINTE - More com-             pect.  That is a somewhat unique tenant size and when you re-
        ing  to  Polaris  Pointe  (Bass                           view typical retail footages, the only one I could come up with
        Pro  Center),  with  a  number                            is the new Walmart Grocery Stores (?).  Place your bets now.
        of buildings under construc-
        tion.    Between  the  AT&T                                                            At the InterQuest Market-
        building  and  the  Loaf  and                                                          place, joining the new wa-
        Jug,  the  recently  completed                                                         ter park, and adjacent to the
        building  will  be  occupied                                                           Drury  Inn,  TACO  BELL
        shortly by ENT CREDIT UNION, a community credit union                                  has  broken  ground  for  a
        serving  Southern  Colorado  and  the  Pikes  Peak  Region  with                       new restaurant, joining the
        more than $4.7 billion in assets and more than 270,000 mem-                            quick growing collection of
        bers.  Also in that lot, Wendy’s is charging along with its new                        fast food operations at this
        building with a summer opening in mind.  In 2015, WENDY’s                              location  (Freddy’s,  Zoup,
        dropped to third place in the world of fast food hamburgers,
        behind Burger King.  In an effort to recapture their second place                         Continued on page 10
                                                                               Perry Park Sentinel March 2017 - Page 9
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