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FROM THE PHOTO ALBUM OF                                   1870s on property homesteaded by William Crull.  The cabin
        DAVE ALEXANDER...                                         was restored inside and out by the Larkspur Historical Society
                                                                  and is sometimes “on view” at an open house sponsored by the
                                                                  LHS. For information on the Larkspur Historical Society and
        Local resident Dave Alexander travels Bear Dance Drive —and   its activities, see
        takes lovely pictures along the way.  These two are gentle re-
        minders that that we have had a touch of winter this year—and
        of the beauty of the area we live in. They capture the essence of
        the Larkspur area, its history and its wildlife.

                                                                  The second picture, also taken in February, is of the large elk
                                                                  herd that apparently lives on the Bear Dance golf course.  They
                                                                  sometimes wander toward the road so we can all gawk at their
                                                                  size and power.  Dave seized the opportunity for this shot.

        A number of people posted wonderful local scenes of that pe-
        riod in February when ice coated our world, but. Dave’s picture
        is of the Hammond-Crull cabin on Bear Dance, built in the

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