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           Simply because it’s beautiful.

                                                                  The runner-up nominees, FF/EMT Derek Sams (career employ-
        LFPD FIREFIGHTERS HONORED                                 ee), FF/EMT Collin Heller (volunteer), FF/EMT Ryan Smedra
                                                                  (part time employee), and FF/EMT Danny Duran (volunteer)
        BY THEIR OWN
        Ken Sanders...                                            were recognized during the awards banquet and were presented
                                                                  with a gift card and an LFPD Chief’s Recognition challenge
        The Larkspur Fire Protection District                     coin.
        held its annual Awards Banquet this
        year at the Bear Dance Country Club                       Division Chief Charles Walden received a special award.  He
        on January 20th.                                          has been a volunteer with LFPD for over 13 years and, in ad-
                                                                  dition to his countless, selfless operational contributions to the
        Each year the district selects the paid                   community, he has submitted a number of successful grants for
        firefighter of the year and volunteer                       the district which have saved the taxpayers approximately 1.4
        firefighter  of  the  year.    In  addition,                million dollars in equipment and personnel costs.
        the volunteer who completed the most training hours for the
        year is honored for dedication and commitment.

                                                                  Captain  Brian  Johnson  successfully  completed  the  National
                                                                  Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) and
                                                                  was presented with his professionally framed completion cer-
        This  year  FF/EMT  Robert  Lawrenz  (volunteer)  earned  the
        award for the most training hours and, incidentally, the volun-  tificate.  The EFOP is a rigorous masters level program which
        teer firefighter of the year award.  The paid firefighter of the   typically takes a minimum of four years to complete.  Each year
        year award was earned by FF/EMT John Motley (part time em-  students are required to attend a two-week class at the National
        ployee).                                                  Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD.  The classes cover Execu-
                                                                  tive Development,   Executive Analysis of Community Risk
                                                                  Reduction, Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in
                                                                  Emergency Management, and Executive Leadership.  Within
                                                                  six months following each class students are required to submit
                                                                  a rather involved and lengthy applied research project (ARP)
                                                                  written in American Psychological Association (APA) research
                                                                  format.  Each research project must be based on current issues
                                                                  faced by the student’s agency and incorporate knowledge/pro-
                                                                  cesses learned from the preceding class.
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