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        Craig Johnston...                                         YOUR DOLLARS, YOUR VOICE

        The February board meeting of the Perry                   The  two  existing  mem-
        Park Water and Sanitation District began                  bers  of  the  Metro  District
        precisely at 4:30 p.m. Four board mem-                    Board,  Randy  Johnson
        bers were in attendance.  Normal business                 and Derek Meredith, were
        was followed by discussions by a district                 present at the February 9th
        member  concerning  subjugating  seg-                     meeting  and  new  board
        ments of his lot holdings and was advised                 members  were  appointed.
        as to the particulars of the Perry Park Wa-               Chris  Korinke’s  resigna-
        ter and Sanitation Master Plan and how                    tion was approved.
        development  proceeds  by  following  the
        Master Plan and how it can be amended by proper completion   NEW BOARD MEMBERS
        of concurrence with adjoining lots.                       The board expressed thanks to all who showed an interest in
                                                                  becoming a PPMD board member.  The board approved the ap-
        The  District  Systems  Report  by  SEMOCOR,  Inc.  showed   pointment of Stacie Sneider, Vanessa Dao, and Valerie During-
        mostly normal operations.  Scott Monroe discussed continuing   er. They were selected because of experience in HOA manage-
                                                                  ment, finance, prior board positions, marketing, and business
        bureaucratic changes that continually strain our budget by sig-
                                                                  ownership. They represent both long and short term residents
        nificant changes in requirements for operations.  The Monthly
                                                                  of Perry Park.
        Staff Report also showed very full schedules, but very good

        projections for the future of the district.               Members and officers for the 2017 Metro District Board:

                                                                  President     Randy Johnson
        The meeting was adjourned at 6:12 p.m.  Further information is
                                                                  VP            Derek Meredith
        available at the District website:
                                                                  Asst VP       Stacie Sneider
                                                                  Treasurer     Vanessa Dao
                                                                  Secretary     Valerie Duringer
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               Interior and Exterior Painting & Staining

                             Wood Deck Refinishing & Repair

                 Exterior &           Power Washing of Barns, Commercial,
                  Interior            Residential Buildings & Sidewalks
                                                   Drywall Texture & Wood Repairs

                                 We Approve             45 Years Experience
                                 the colors
                    Many          the HOA                    Bonded and Insured
                 References                             For a Free Estimate, call

                                                               John Axiotis
                                                             (303) 507-8121

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