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        MINUTES - The minutes for the December District meeting
        were reviewed and approved.  They are available on the web-

        Financials - Feb 9th, 2017
        Receipts       $     5,069.66
        Disbursements   $     5,474.52
        Cash Account   $427,968.47

        A  motion  was  discussed  and  passed  to  establish  volunteer
        advisory committees made up of PP residents and one board
        member.  This is an effort to get more residents of PP involved
        in  their  community.    Current  committees  are  the  Firewise,
        Parks and Open Space, Community Safety, and Social Events
        committees.  For those residents who would like to volunteer
        for  the  Firewise  committee  please  contact  Keith  Worley  at and for the Social Events Committee   MEET JIG, THE SAW-WHET OWL
        please contact Stacie Sneider at Stacie.Sneider@perrypark.
        org.  Additional information on these committees will be post-  On February 3, the Douglas Land Conservancy announced Car-
        ed at by mid-March.                     olyn Jones of Perry Park Ranch was the Wildlife Wednesday
                                                                  winner with her photo of this Northern Saw-whet Owl in Lark-
        A motion passed to retain Keith Worley as a Land Management   spur, and her picture apeared on the DLC Facebook site.
        Consultant for the PPMD.  Scope of duties includes continue
        implementation of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, an-  The bird in her picture may look a tad ferocious, but this is a
        nual maintenance of fuel treatments, oversight of fire mitigation   tiny owl, not much bigger than the palm of your hand.  Be-
        projects, Firewise Committee coordination, wildfire planning,   cause Saw-whets are both small and noctural, bird books report
        community education efforts, forest pest controls, and mitiga-  they’re rarely seen, but the Saw-whet Carolyn photographed
        tion and noxious week control on PPMD owned properties.   has become something of a local celebrity through Carolyn’s
                                                                  photograph and Sarah Heckthorn’s Larkspur Wildlife page on
        A motion was approved to again offer the fire mitigation grant   Facebook.
        program for 2017 in an amount not to exceed $25,000.  Details
        and timeline will be reviewed at the March PPMD meeting and   The owl appeared in Sarah and Tim Heckathorn’s chicken coop
        posted on the website by early March.                     in mid-December and stayed a week, leaving many headless
                                                                  mice in her wake.  She left for several weeks, then returned and
        A motion was approved to eliminate all proposed PPMD fire-  stayed for three more weeks, decimating the mouse population!
        line/pathway projects on trail easements across private prop-  Recently, during our warm, snowless February, she has gone
        erty from further consideration by the board.  It places a hold   again.
        on actions to implement any fireline or pathway features on
        PPMD owned property until further analysis by the board and   Sarah’s theory is that “she’s figured out where easy prey, water,
        a presentation of findings at a public meeting where input and   and shelter from the cold/wind are so she makes herself at home
        directions will be sought from PPMD residents.            and comes and goes as she pleases.” Sarah’s betting she’ll re-
                                                                  turn to the coop during the next blast of winter.
        The PPMD will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. on March 2nd
        at the Perry Park Country Club for the purpose of familiariz-  Named Jig (Saw-whet—got it?) by the Heckathorns, she (or
        ing the three new PPMD board members with current efforts   maybe it’s a he; who knows about owl gender identification?)
        and a review of the 2017 budget and projects.  No motions or   does not look the least bit shy and reclusive, whatever the bird
        resolutions will be considered at this forum, and it is solely for   books and websites say!  She also looks smart—smart enough
        familiarization of the new board members.  Although open to   to figure out a soft-landing just as Sarah suspects.  Stay tuned.
        the public, it is primarily intended to help new members come   There may be a return of Jig.
        up to speed.
                                                                  For more wonderful pictures of local wildlife, visit the Land
                                                                  Conservancy Facebook page,
                                                                  Conservancy  and  check  http://www.douglaslandconser-
                                                          to  learn  about  the  many  conservation  projects  in
                                                                  Douglas County.

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