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8TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S                          campaign to enlist 50,000 people to plant one million native
        SPRING 2017 CITIZENS ACADEMY                              plants, all of this part of the Habitat Heroes program.  The goal
                                                                  is to have people provide eco-friendly environments for animal
        A free, six-week course will be held on consecutive Wednes-  refuge that help link together larger green spaces and properties
        day evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., April 12 through May 17.   such as you see in Larkspur with native trees and bushes.
        Classes will be in the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Douglas
        County office (Douglas County Justice Center) located at 4000   The Audubon asks, “What does a Habitat Hero wildscape in-
        Justice Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109. The fall session will be   clude?  A water-wise garden that:
        held in the Arapahoe County location.                            • Includes diverse planting layers through the use of
                                                                         native and regionally adapted plants
        Each class will explore the District Attorney Office’s role in      • Provides shelter and nesting opportunities
        different parts of the criminal justice system.  The Academy      • Offers natural food and water sources
        will give students an in-depth look at what happens on a case      • Does not spread invasive species of plants
        between the time of arrest and post-conviction.                  • Does not rely on the use of chemical fertilizers and
        Attendees will explore the functions of the specialized units
        within the District Attorney’s Office, including but not limited   These are small efforts that together can make a difference in a
        to: the Special Victims Unit, Economic Crimes Unit, Cold Case   world experiencing rapid climate changes that does not allow
        Unit, Crime Scene Investigations, County Court, Appeals, and   plants and animals enough time to adapt.
        Juvenile Justice. Students will also have the chance to learn the
        intricacies of a jury trial with prosecutors.             Your personal efforts can be small or large from a few pots on
                                                                  your deck to putting in an entire property of native plants and
        Twenty-five spaces are available and preference will be given   a source of water to organizing a group to plant native, critter-
        to applicants who live in the 18th Judicial District and first-  friendly plants in open spaces or along a creek.
        time attendees. The 18th Judicial District includes Arapahoe,
        Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties. Participants must be at   And a great benefit of native plants is that the dastardly, de-
        least 18 years-old; complete an application; and pass a criminal   structive pocket gophers do not like them like those ornamental
        background check to be considered. Members of the media are   plants and bulbs.
        welcome to apply.
                                                                  Speaking of the gophers, you can use natural sources to deter
        The deadline for applications is Friday, March 17, 2017. Please   them, like using moth balls. Or using coyote or fox urine (good
        see  the  attached  application.    For  more  information,  contact   luck getting them to pee on your garden) sprinkled around your
        Barbara Martin-Worley at 720-874-8487.                    plants monthly.  Ah, but Amazon and Home Depot carry it.

        An application form can be printed from the following website:   Pound for pound the dollar store is the best place to mothballs.   Enoz is the best moth ball. To keep animals from eating them
        Form.pdf                                                  accidentally, put them in another Dollar Store product - GLASS
                                                                  salt and pepper shakers which are a dollar for the pair. Use su-
        A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE                                   perglue to put wire or a pipe cleaner wrap around the bottom of
                                                                  the shaker, and hang upside down from a stake or even a simple
        Susan Peters...                                           wicket type thing you fashion from a coat hanger. They do not
                                                                  have to be far off the ground. Space about 15 feet apart.  You
        Habitat Heroes...Bee House...Short Takes                  will only need a few boxes of mothballs and a few sets of shak-
                                                                  ers, depending on how your garden is laid out.
        Planning Time
        When  most  polar  plunges                                To obtain more information and to put in your application to be
        this year have been cancelled                             certified as a Habitat Hero, check out the website of the Audu-
        –  darn!  –  it  gives  me  pause                         bon  of  the  Rockies  at
        on  our  weather  in  the  winter                         heroes or the Plants for Birds campaign info can be found at
        of 2016-2017.   As we finish                     , where you can find
        up  the  warmest  February  on                            a listing of plants for your area that are appropriate.
        record, when dandelions have
        bloomed and the wild geraniums have pushed up through the   Places like the gift shop at Hudson Garden carry bird-friendly
        soil, we will still have reminders that it is still winter.  Those are   flower seed packets.  Also check out High Country Gardens on-
        the times we can plan ahead for our garden layouts.       line which has an excellent legend to tell what plants are Xeri-
                                                                  scape or deer resistant.
        The Audubon Society of the Rockies sponsors a Habitat Heroes
        program purposely for attracting wildlife such as birds, but-
        terflies and bees.  Last fall they introduced a Plants-for-Birds                           Continued on page 19
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