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LEASH OR FENCE YOUR DOGS!                                 off-leash doggone good time. The dog park may be accessed
                                                                  from the park’s main entrance; however the dog off-leash area
        Every  year,  par-                                        is in the easternmost point of Fairgrounds Regional Park and
        ticularly  in  good                                       dogs in other sections of the park must be leashed. A picnic
        weather like we’ve                                        shelter is located right outside the dog park area.
        had so far this year,
        complaints  abound                                        The park in Larkspur is NOT an off-leash area.  The Big D in
        about  dogs  run-                                         Perry Park Ranch is NOT an off-leash area. The vacant lot near
        ning  loose  through                                      your home is NOT an off-leash area.  A printable brochure with
        neighborhoods,                                            a map showing locations of all Douglas County dog parks and
        posing  a  very  real                                     explaining rules for off-leash dogs is available at http://www.
        threat to dogs whose owners are walking them  properly on
        leashes. You may think your dog is non-threatening, but to the
        owner of a small, leashed dog, a large, unleashed dog bounding   For  animal  control  issues,  call  Douglas  County Animal  Ser-
        toward them is a nerve wracking sight.  More than once in the   vices at 303-660-7529.  Their web site with additional contact
        last several years, an unleashed dog actually attacked a leashed   information is at Any ag-
        dog—resulting in injuries to both dog and owner.          gressive animal should be immediately reported to DCAS at
                                                                                                  3 0 3 - 6 6 0 - 7 5 2 9 .
        Additionally  dogs  running  loose  in  Larkspur  neighborhoods                                                ~KDale
        have chased fawns, terrifying both babies and mothers, and in
        several incidents, dogs have cornered and killed fawns.  Many
        of us moved here for the wildlife.  Loose dogs are often a threat
        to that wildlife—and vice versa. For safety of all, just follow
        the laws.

        Douglas County rules for dogs and other pets are very clear.

               •  Dogs  must  be  on  a  leash  when  off  the  owner’s
        property  except  when  walking  in  a  designated  off-leash
               • Dog owners must pick up and properly dispose of
        their dog’s defecation both on and off the owner’s property.
               • Dog owners must ensure their dog does not bite, in-
        jure, chase, threaten, bark, howl at or disturb anyone.
               • Cats should be kept inside or at a minimum, should
        be confined to their owners’ property.

        All dogs on public streets MUST BE LEASHED. There’s no           Full Circle Pilates is now
        ambiguity in the law.  Animals must be kept under control for       Full Circle Larkspur!
        their  own  protection  and  to  preserve  the  public’s  health  and
        safety.  Dogs found off the owner’s or keeper’s property are
        called “strays” and may be impounded.  The owner or keeper
        may also be fined.                                                              fc

        Dog owners are in violation of this law if they fail to prop-
        erly control or allow a dog to run at large in the county. This     pilates • yoga • massage
        ordinance does not apply in designated parks where dogs are
        permitted to run off leash.
        From           Now offering pilates classes, yoga and massage
                                                                       therapy services. Full Circle Larkspur is your
        The  nearest leash-free dog park in the Larkspur area is Devon’s   answer to a healthy, balanced body.
        Dog Park in the Greenland Open Space, a 17-acre dog park
        located on the east side of the Greenland Open Space trailhead.              Sandy McKeown, Owner
        Devon’s Dog Park is open one hour before sunrise until one                   (303) 681-4323
        hour after sunset.
        Located in downtown Castle Rock, Fairgrounds Regional Park         
        also offers several acres in the eastern corner of the park for an

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