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WALT’S WORDS                                              on the interior space in preparation for initial tenants late this
        Walt Korinke...                                           summer.  Both buildings are directly connected to the four-sto-
                                                                  ry 219,000 square foot, 50-bed Castle Rock Adventist Hospi-
        A  home  remedy:  If  you  have  a  bad                   tal that has become the centerpiece for the rapidly expanding
        cough, take a large dose of laxatives.                    medical growth in the community.
        Then you’ll be afraid to cough.
                                                                  In  addition,  a  third,  doctor-
        PERRY PARK – 2016 was another good                        owned medical office build-
                                    sales  year  for  Perry  Park   ing  is  under  construction  at
                                    homes  with  51  single  fam-  the rear of the hospital.  The
                                    ily  and  three  condominium   two-story,  21,351  square
                                    sales  totaling  $29,052,000.    foot building sold two of the
                                    The “sweet spot” was in the   six  suites    to  Rocky  Moun-
                                    $500,000  range  (18  sales)   tain  Spine  and  Sport  (2,130
                                    with a low of $355,000 and a   square  feet)  and  Neurology
                                    high of $999,900.  The prop-  of the Rockies (3,167 square feet), with four suites remaining
        erties range in quality, age and location with most home sale   ranging from 2.700 to 4,100 square feet.
        activity in the $400,000 to $700,000 window.  In addition, 39
        lots were sold ($2.6M) for $12,000 to $133,000.  As expected,                        The        LIMELIGHT
        2017 began with a slow January with four properties in the clos-                     HEALTHCARE CENTER
        ing stage, all in the $500s.                                                         is in the shell stage prepara-
                                                                                             tion for the façade and inte-
                                     The  Retreat  at  Perry                                 rior  work  with  a  probable
                                     Park  has  kicked  off  the                             initial  occupancy  target  of
                                     new year with excavation                                year-end.
                                     and foundations started on
                                     the  second  group  of  four   On  the  southeast  corner,  in
                                     more condominiums.           the  Cinema  Complex,  the
                                                                  10,733  square  foot    HILL-
        LARKSPUR  –  After  about  three  years  of  negotiation  with   TOP  COMMONS  build-
        the  Town  of  Larkspur,  the                             ing  is  nearing  completion
        JELLYSTONE       CAMP-                                    and the first tenant, STATE
        GROUND      expansion   is                                FARM, has taken occupan-
        scheduled to kick off this Au-                            cy with three more tenants in space preparation for late spring
        gust.    With  only  35  of  their                        occupancy.  ORANGETHEORY FITNESS is a specialty fit-
        105  acres  currently  devel-                             ness  trainer providing intensive 60-minute workout  sessions.
        oped, the expansion will dra-                             The other tenant in space preparation is HOME CARE ASSIS-
        matically  change  the  camp-                             TANCE, which provides 24/7 live-in home care non-medical
        ground from 132 existing campsites to 568 (including fire pits),   assistance to meet various senior care needs.  The other space
        along with a new themed water park, a rope challenge course,   is gluten-free UNCLE MADDIO’s pizza, a fast growing At-
        77 pre-fab cabins, and a new visitor center and retail space.    lanta-based “healthy” pizza chain which opened in 2009 with
        Jellystone joins the Renaissance Festival as the leading sources   40 stores already open, and another 225 committed franchises
        of tax revenue for the town with an expected addition of about   in the wings.
        $250,000 annually to the town coffers.
                                                                                              On the northwest corner, the
        CASTLE  ROCK  –  MEADOWS  PARKWAY  AND  MEAD-                                         first  of  two  TOWN  CEN-
                                   OWS  BOULEVARD  -  Lots                                    TER commercial buildings
                                   of  activity  on  three  of  the                           was  completed  in  the  fall
                                   four  corners  of  Meadows                                 of  2014,  and  you  probably
                                   Parkway and Meadows Bou-                                   know  it  as  the  location  for
                                   levard.   At  the  Castle  Rock                            the Egg & I restaurant.  The
                                   Adventist  Hospital  Cam-      30,000 square foot building #1 is fully leased, and the second
                                   pus,  the  first  60,000  square   twin building has just started construction with no announced
                                   foot, three-story medical of-  preleasing and should be ready for occupancy by the summer
                                   fice  building,  the Alexander   of 2018.
        Building completed in 2013, was quickly leased and with the
        strong demand stoked the start of the second twin building, the   With all the activity in the retail and medical fields, Castle Rock
        BRISCOE, which is nearing completion as work progresses
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