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WALT’S WORDS                                              2018 start and rapid finish.  The Metro District is pushing for
        Walt Korinke...                                           this to be completed prior to the 2019 proposed I-25 widening
                                                                  in case the construction forces more diverted traffic along the
        Old age is always 15 years older than I                   #105 route.
                                                                                             The Retreat at Perry Park
                     I-25s    EXPANSION                                                      introduced  a  new  second-
                     –  CDOT  held  an  openhouse  at  the  Douglas                          phase  paired  home.  The
                     County Fairgrounds on April 25.  Actual funds                           2,400  square  foot,  3-bed-
                     for the project are being aggressively pursued                          room,  3-  bath  unit  is  a  two
                     to permit a 2019 start with a 2021 completion                           story walkout basement unit
                     date.  Prime goal is to provide three lanes im-                         which is about 1,000 square
                     mediately with four in the future for the GAP   feet less than the current models and will be offered starting at
                     (18  miles  between  Castle  Rock  and  Monu-  $579,000, available late this year.  A bonus to this unit is the
                     ment).  For more information on the meeting,   upper level decks with an amazing view.
                     go to
                                                                  Kudos to the Perry Park Metro District for regrading the Ban-
                     LARKSPUR – The three major development       nock dirt road for fire safety access and making it more acces-
        projects  --  1) Yogi  Bear  Jellystone  Ex-              sible than it has been for years.
        pansion, 2) Truck Stop and 3) the Con-
        struction  Office/Warehouse  --  continue                  CASTLE ROCK – PROMENADE – Across the street to the
        to  progress  through  the  Town  Council                                           north  of  the  newly  opened
        and  Planning  Commission  successfully.                                            King Sooper Marketplace and
        Jellystone will be testing the use of the                                           directly  in  front  of  Christian
        Town’s  new  filtration  system  later  this                                         Brothers  Auto  Repair,  USA
        year.  Dirt work at the truck stop is nearing                                       EXPRESS  CARWASH  will
        completion  and  the  development  agree-                                           be  starting  construction  soon
        ment is near final with the Town.  Actual                                            on  their  6,500  square  foot,
        construction could start by mid-summer.                   three-minute   express
        The Construction Office/Warehouse received town approval of   wash.  Pricing starts at $7
        an amendment to their development plan further defining po-  which  is  $3  under  their
        tential uses for three acres of their overall parcel.  Design of   competitor,  MotoSpa  lo-
        their service building fits country character the town works to   cated across from the Tar-
        preserve, and finalization of the development agreement is in   get.    Vacuums  are  free.
        the final stages with the planning commission.  The town is   This is the first Colorado
        planning a public hearing to outline their planned implementa-  facility for this Mid-South chain.  They will be open seven days
        tion of sidewalks in the business corridor.  All is on schedule   a week, 8 to 6 (9 a.m. on Sunday).  The pace of development
        and going strong with the new well and filtration facilities and   at the PROMENADE has noticeably slowed, as has the leas-
        the Council is hopeful of being able to shift economic burden   ing activity as the retail industry continues to struggle through
        from the $3 million bank loan to a replacement grant later this   a period of realignment and closure of non-performing stores.
        year.  As the “Center” of the CDOT planned expansion of the   Fortunately, new store openings are currently more active in
        I-25s corridor, Larkspur is maintaining an active role with the   the ‘outdoor’ retail sector than for malls, and the more active
        planning which is underway.                               tenant category is the restaurant industry, both of which benefit
                                                                  the Promenade.
        PERRY  PARK  home  sale  closings  are  running  behind  the
                              pace  of  last  year  to-date  with  10   ROCKET FRIZZ, located in the collection of food shops (Mod
                              homes  closed  January-April,       Pizza, Smashburger, etc.) to the south of Lowes, is preparing to
                              totaling   $6,255,300   (average    open.  Rocket Frizz, founded in 2007, bills itself as the “one
                              $625,300) vs. last year of 18 closed   stop shop for all of your soda pop and candy cravings.”  They
                              for $8,998,100 (average $499,894).    carry literally thousands of unique and fun candies, bottled soda
                              The good news, May has shown a      pops, gag gifts and toys, nostalgic tin signs and many other sur-
                              burst  of  new  sales  under  contract   prises.  SPRINT and POT BELLY SANDWICH SHOP (tried
        with 11 additional homes under contract for $6,239,750 (av-  and tested – yummy good!) have just opened for business in the
        erage $567,250).  A couple of land sites went under contract in   new shops to the north of Lowes.
        May, and 20 sites are under various stages of construction.
                                                                  Under construction on the southeast corner of the Promenade
        Douglas County is again actively planning changes to #105 at   King Sooper parcel – America’s second largest bank with over
        the entrance to Perry Park with a projected late 2017 to mid-
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