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WORDS Continued from page 14                              of Meadows Parkway will include eight one-story self-storage
                                                                  buildings with an attached sales office totaling 58,600 square
        $2 billion in assets, BANK                                feet, including either 28 RV parking spaces or a possible 40,000
        OF  AMERICA  (B  of  A)                                   square foot self-storage building in the future.   The adjacent 22
        is completing its freestand-                              acre parcel is undergoing groundwork and roadway infrastruc-
        ing financial center building                              ture for the development 7 lots of commercial-office-industrial
        which  should  be  ready  for                             structures.
        business by late summer.  Its
        timely  appearance  follows                                                               The  Douglas  County
        the  recent Wells  Fargo  announcement  that  it  will  be  closing                       Library  is  joining  the
        about 400 branches over the next two years in order to reduce                             development   activ-
        operating cost by about $2 billion a year, and they may increase                          ity  along  Wilcox  by
        the count to 1,000 branches.  With two branches in Castle Rock                            closing  for  a  week  in
        and two in Monument, I expect we will probably lose one in                                mid-May to refresh its
        each town.  B of A brings another large bank opportunity to                               space, add new carpet-
        the area at a time when confidence in Wells Fargo was dam-                                 ing and update its sig-
        aged by its recent fraudulent account activities created by an                            nage.  First Street was
        overaggressive effort to grow accounts (with or without client   closed for the month of April as the Town Center progresses
        approval).  B of A has two Denver service centers and a large   with its expansion; the adjacent Festival Park is well underway
        number of ATM’s scattered around the area.                with its $5 million rejuvenation and tie in with the RiverWalk
                                                                  project across the street, which demolished the old retail center
                                    The  major  dirt  moving  ac-  and started major groundwork for its first phase.
                                    tivity  just  to  the  east  of
                                    the  rail  crossing  bridge   MILLER’s LANDING takes another step forward.  The devel-
                                    on  Meadows  Parkway  is      oper, Citadel Development LLC, has gained control of another
                                    the start of construction for   18 acres, bringing the proposed project to 66 acres.  The former
                                    two new projects.  1) a nar-
        row site paralleling the east side of the tracks on the north side                        Continued on page 16

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                       � Full �����                          ������������������������

              Memberships �����                                �����������������������

              �� $3,500 ���������                             ��������������������������
              ���������������������                              ���������������������

                      �����������                              �����������������������


            Membership is by application and requires approval.
                 Perry Park  is a 503(C)7 corporation

         For  over  40  years  we  have  been  country club: readily available tee times,   �����������
         providing  an  extraordinary  golf  a course always in tournament condition
         experience at an exceptional value. This  and  a  eventful,  year-round  social  scene.   �����������
         Spring, to fill our 300 member cap, we’re  For  more  information  on  these
         offering 20 Full Golf memberships at the  memberships  contact  Amy  Morrow  at       ���������������������
         very  attractive  price  of  $3,500.   303-681-3305  Ext  4  or  e-mail  at            ������������������
         Experience  all  the  benefits  of  a  private            �������������������

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