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PP METRO Continued from page 10                           to PPMD.  Application submittal date has been extended to end
                                                                  once a total of (50) applications are received, so hurry and get
        COMMITTEE REPORTS                                         your application submitted!  Please have all contractor invoices
        Social and Events Committee – Stacie Sneider email: stacie.  submitted to the PPMD no later than October 15, 2017.
        Firewise Committee – Keith Worley email: forestreedev@aol.  Learn more about the program at the following site:
               Social and Events Committee
                                                                  Firewise Day
                    All is in order for another great July 4th. This                Third times a charm!  The Firewise Day
                    year’s celebration will include the Big “D” pa-                 that  was  set  for April  29th  and  the  re-
                    rade along Red Rock Drive with 1st, 2nd, and                    scheduled  day  set  for    May  18th  were
                    3rd place awards. The categories are best floats                 both  cancelled  due  to  strong  spring
                    (ATV, golf carts, motorized), animal, classic car,              snowstorms  and  the  concern  for  the
                    walker, and bike/cycle.   Free ice cream and wa-                safety of the residents, speakers, and the
        ter will be served at the end of the parade, and a hot dog stand            PPCC employees. The event will be re-
        for those that worked up an appetite.  No need to sign up to   scheduled at a later date and you will be notified via email and
        march in the parade; just be at the southeast corner of the “Big   on the PPMD website.
        D” at 10am and start lining up along Red Rock Circle.  Later in
        the day come back to the Perry Park Country Club and enjoy   SPRING SLASH PICK-UP – Starts June 1st
        a BBQ open to the public (cash only), followed by the Den-  Questions on what is considered slash, how and where to stack
        ver Concert Band starting at 7 p.m. with fireworks starting at   your slash, along with zones and pickup schedule please go to:
        9 p.m.                                          
        We need your help!  Volunteers are needed for traffic control
        and set-up/ take down of event equipment.  Good opportunity
        for high school students to earn volunteer hours.  Please contact
        Stacie Sneider at           3rd Annual Junk Dump Rescheduled for June 3rd
                                                                  The Junk Dump scheduled for May 20th was cancelled due to
        Schedule of Activities for Tuesday, July 4th in Perry Park:
                                                                  a wet spring snowstorm and rescheduled for June 3rd.   Re-
        ���������  ��������������������������������               minder:  For PPMD residents only and when the 4 dumpsters
        ��������   ���������������                                are full it’s over.
        ��������   ���������������������������������������������������
        �������������������  ��������������������������������������������  JUNK DUMP INFORMATION AND LOCATION
        ������������� ���������������������
        ��������   ������������������������������

               2. Firewise Committee

        PPMD, with the help of Keith Worley, Wildfire Mitigation Spe-
        cialist, has filed a pre-proposal application for a State Fire As-
        sistance Grant.  Should the PPMD be successful in receiving
        the grant it would go towards fire mitigation activities within
        the areas damaged by the Tussock Moth to reduce hazardous
        fuels.  The PPMD received confirmation that the application
        was passed on to the state office for further consideration.

        Resident Fire Mitigation Grant Program                    Metro  Board  meetings  are  held  at  the  Perry  Park  Country
        Don’t miss out. If you are planning on taking advantage of the   Club the second Thursday of each month and will commence
        resident fire mitigation grant program in 2017 please download   at 6 p.m. sharp.
        the grant form and email to or by mail

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