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PET TALK  WITH PILAR                                      ment to prevent vomiting.  It is only available from a veterinar-
        Pilar Starman,                                            ian with an active client-patient-veterinary relationship.
        Doctor of Veterinary Medicine...                          • Other medications may be recommended.

        Traveling with Pets                                       Pets should wear identification with a contact number and be
                                                                  microchipped.  Veterinarians can help confirm appropriate reg-
        Summer is a time of trav-                                 istration.
        el.  We often take our pets
        because  they  are  family.                               Parasite and disease prevention is needed for all pets, but is
        Issues to consider include                                even  more  crucial  for  pets  travelling  to  warm,  moist  areas.
        the  possibility  of  anxiety,                            Dogs and cats need prevention for heartworm, fleas, ticks, and
        motion  sickness,  proper                                 intestinal parasites. Parasites carry diseases that cause illness in
        identification,   potential                                pets and people.  Depending on travel plans, additional vaccina-
        parasite/disease exposure, and legal requirements.        tions may be recommended.

        Dogs and cats often have anxiety related to travel.  To a degree   If you are crossing a state border, a health certificate is required.
        it may be due to motion sickness. There are a variety of treat-  A current rabies vaccine and a physical exam by a veterinarian
        ment options that may alleviate this.                     within 10-30 days of travel is required to issue.  The health cer-
        • Feliway.  A synthetic pheromone produced by the cat’s facial   tificate is required if you are travelling by air – you may not be
        glands that tells the cat the environment is safe.        able to go through security without it.
        • Adaptil.  A synthetic pheromone of the substance produced
        by the dog when she’s nursing puppies that tells the dog the                        If  you  have  any  questions
        environment is safe.                                                                about your pet, please feel free
        • Catnip helps improve the mood of some cats.                                       to call Larkspur Pet Hospital at
        • Zylkene is a natural way to decrease anxiety in cats and dogs                     303- 681-3980.  We welcome
        without causing sedation.                                                           you to bring your pet in for a
        • Ginger may decrease nausea.                                                       happy  visit  any  time  we  are
        • Cerenia is an anti-nausea medication.  It is the reliable treat-                  open.

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