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SCHOLARSHIPS Continued from page 6                                           Mitch  Patrick  Anderson,  19,
        cants should be very proud of their accomplishments, goals and               passed away
        the bright future ahead of them.                                             Monday, May 8, 2017.

        I wish we could award each applicant with a scholarship, as all              He was born April 15, 1998, in Nashua,
        of our applicants were very deserving and we are continuously                New Hampshire, the son of Mike and
        amazed at the quality of our Larkspur kids!                                  Laura (Kalkowski) Anderson. He was
                                                                                     raised in Lark-
        On behalf of the Larkspur Elementary School Parent Teach-                    spur, Colorado,
        er Organization and The Scholarship Committee, we wish all                   and  attended
        Larkspur graduating seniors all the best for the future!                     Larkspur  El-
                                                                                     ementary,  go-
                                                                  ing on to Castle View High School and
        TOP FIVE REASONS TO SMILE                                 then  graduated  in  2016  from  Palmer
        ABOUT LIVING HERE                                         Ridge High School.
        Michael Stone...
                                                                  Mitch’s first job was at Horse Thief Campground. He went on
        The act of smiling is easily accom-                       to work at the Larkspur Pizzaria, KFC, Tony’s Market, Jimmy
        plished, and around here, we have                         John’s, Parry’s Pizza and did lots of yard work around Lark-
        plenty  of  reasons  to  smile.    Ac-                    spur. Usually, he was working two jobs at the same time, al-
        cording to some well-documented                           ways a hard worker.
        scientific studies, there are physi-
        ological reasons that explain why                         Mitch was a natural at anything he tried. He was a talented,
        smiling is good for us.  I thought                        self-taught musician who could strum any guitar, beat on any
        I would take one of the numerous                          drum set. His fearless and adventurous spirit brought him to the
        “top ten” lists and relate it to US,                      outdoors, whether on his bike at the skate park or in his Jeep
        but I condensed it to a top 5 with                        that he loved to tinker with, preparing for annual family trips to
        a conclusion.                                             Moab. Mitch was always surrounded by the countless people he
                                                                  touched throughout his life with his selfless personality. He was
        1. It elevates your mood.  If you are smiling, you are perceived   a catalyst for a good time, always quick with a smile or joke to
        as being happy.  How could you possibly be in a bad mood?    brighten any room.
        You could choose a hundred reasons to be a grump, but if you
        ask yourself if you’d rather be in a good mood or a bad mood,   Survivors include his parents, Mike and Laura, Larkspur, broth-
        what would you pick?  Just think about the beautiful scenery in   er Michael, Denver, sister Sarah, Larkspur; uncles and aunts
        this area, and crack a smile!                             Andrew and Anne Anderson, Colchester, Vermont; Debi and
                                                                  James Abolt, Brookfield, Wisconsin; Patricia and Jon Mendes,
        2. Smiling is contagious.  I’m not making this up.  Just like   Carlsbad, New Mexico; cousins Ellen and Joseph Abolt; grand-
        yawning has been proven to be contagious, so is smiling.  Give   parents Peggy Reid, Douglas, Wyoming; Garnet and Maria An-
        it a try.  Reason #1 says it will elevate your mood, and someone   derson, Tucson, Arizona; Jan and Dick Quinn, Venice, Florida,
        just might return a smile to acknowledge you.  Then THEY will   Ruth Kalkowski, Moorhead, Minnesota. He was preceded in
        get the benefit of having an elevated mood, and YOU will have   death by his grandfather Larry Kalkowski.
        brightened someone’s day.  If you recognize neighbors while
        driving, give them a wave.  It feels great to be the waver or the   Donations  can  be  made  to  the  Mitch  P. Anderson  Memorial
        target.                                                   Fund at First Bank in Castle Rock for a future memorial in his
        3. Smiling makes you look caring.  This one is a no brainer.
        Just go to the grocery store.  There are plenty of people who
        will ignore you, and you’ll forget them in an instant.  But the
        ones who smile at you show that they care.  NOW—this no
        joke.  When I go to King Soopers in Castle Rock, they KNOW                      electric
        me.  Not only do they smile, but they greet me by name.  I also
        get a hug from Carla, the Retail Checkout Manager.  How awe-
        some is that?
                                                                   Pete Dunbar           1341 Quartz Mountain Drive
        4. Smiling makes you feel good, will relieve stress, and lower                    Larkspur, Colorado 80118
        your blood pressure.  These have been proven.  If the simple                           303-681-3809
        act of smiling can do all of that, you have to think that it’s worth                 Cell 303-638-6762
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