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WATER Continued from page 8                               PERRY PARK METRO DISTRICT
                                                                  Your dollars, your voice
        “changed’ from irrigation use to municipal use. The decision to
        proceed was unanimous.                                    All board members were in atten-
                                                                  dance at the May 11 board meet-
        The District Systems Report for March submitted by Semocor   ing.  The board covered the 4th
        was  then  reviewed  and  discussed.  Operations  were  best  de-  of July celebration, the Firewise
        scribed as normal. It was noted that the vacation of the Wauco-  Committee update, including an
        nda water line near the dam would be completed before the end   application for a large State Fire
        of April. The Monthly Staff Report submitted by the District   Assistance Grant, discussion on
        Manager was also reviewed. Good news here was the issuance   the Perry Park roads and update from Douglas County, main-
        of seven building permits to date.
                                                                  tenance of PPMD-owned properties. The board also agreed to
                                                                  continue and the free daffodil program.
        There was no audience participation and the meeting was ad-
        journed at 5:10 p.m. As always, further information is available   BOARD MEMBERS
        on the District website,
                                                                  President            Randy Johnson
                                                                  VP                      Derek Meredith
                                                                  Asst VP              Stacie Sneider
                                                                  Treasurer            Vanessa Dao
        The  May, 2017, regular meeting of the Perry Park Water &   Secretary            Valerie Duringer
        Sanitation District was called to order at 4:30 p.m. on the 17th
        with all directors present.  The first order of business was the   MINUTES - The minutes for the April District meeting were
        approval of the minutes of the April 19th regular meeting which   reviewed and approved.
        was unanimous. However, Director Peterson did abstain as he
        was not in attendance at that meeting. Disbursements totaling   TREASURER’S REPORT
        $205,822.92 were next unanimously approved.               The PPMD has hired a CPA who will be completing the month-
                                                                  ly  financial  reporting  as  well  as  resubmitting  the  2017  first
        Matthew Dempsey of the district’s Ehlers Consultants was in   quarter reports.  The board expects that some minor changes
        attendance to review in detail a modified financial management   may be made and anticipates approving the reports at the May
        plan for the district as a result of a rethinking and reprioritizing   meeting.
        of the district’s Capital Improvement Program. The revised plan
        would comprehend $8.20M of expenditure as opposed to ac-  NEW BUSINESS
        complishing the complete Master Plan expenditure of $20.38M.
        Plans are now being made to hold a supplemental board meet-      1. Perry Park Roads and Gateway Entrance
        ing to further discuss the district’s borrowing needs. A Letter
        of Engagement was then introduced to retain the services of   PPMD contacted Douglas County and are happy to report that
        Collins Cockrel & Cole as the district’s general counsel. A mo-  Perry Park asphalt roads are scheduled for an asphalt overlay
        tion was subsequently made and unanimously approved to do   starting in 2018. Douglas County will begin construction within
        so by the Board.                                          the next 18 months on a safer and efficient ingress and egress
                                                                  into our community.
        The District Systems Report for April submitted by Semocor
        was then reviewed and discussed. Operations were normal ex-      2. PPMD Property Maintenance
        cepting the continued issues on Wauconda Drive with yet an-
        other main line break in close proximity to the previous line   The board is considering both minor and major improvements
        break under the dam spill way. This break has proved to be   for several PPMD owned properties including Wauconda Park
        very difficult to repair as the line was found to be 16 feet under   and  the  Perry  Park  Gateway  Entrance.   The Wauconda  Park
        the road surface (versus the normal 6 feet) and below the water   playground  equipment  is  in  need  of  repairs  along  with  all
        level of the reservoir. A number of homes on Wauconda were   around improved park maintenance.  With the scheduled wid-
        without service for variable times, but service has now been   ening of the Gateway entrance there will be no major improve-
        restored to all including the country club canteen while finish   ments until that work is completed, but the area will be cleaned
        work is completed on this very difficult incident.         up and will remain in maintenance mode until the county com-
                                                                  pletes its work.  The board is starting the design process for the
        The Monthly Staff Report submitted by District Manager Di-  new Gateway entrance monument and landscaping in an effort
        ana Miller was then reviewed. There were two residents in at-  to have both design plans and a contractor in place once the
        tendance and they made several suggestions regarding both the   county has completed the new turn lanes.
        district operations and the Capital Improvement Program plans.
        The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m. As always, additional
        information may be found on the district website, www.ppwsd.                              Continued on page 11

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