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SMILES Continued from page 7                              NEWS FROM THE WATER DISTRICT,
        a try.  Before we spend money on therapists, doctors, or chemi-  APRIL AND MAY MEETINGS
        cal solutions, try smiling more often.  It’s FREE, and could pro-  Jim Matchett...
        vide huge benefits.
        5. Smiling makes you look successful.  Not only that, but it
        will make you look younger and more attractive.  Let’s face   The  regular  monthly  board  meeting  of
        facts.  All of us are here for a variety of reasons, but we are   the Perry Park Water & Sanitation Dis-
        HERE, and have chosen to live HERE.  Personally, I think we   trict  was  held  on  April  19th  with  four
        have made a fantastic choice.  And I congratulate the residents   directors present. Director Peterson had
        of this area on making that choice.                       received  an  excused  absence.  The  first
                                                                  order of business was the approval of the
        Everyone has made the choice to live here.  My story?  I grew   minutes of the March 15th regular meet-
        up in Menlo Park, California,  attended CSU in Ft.Collins and   ing,  and  that  approval  was  unanimous.
        then lived in a wide variety of other places.  South Carolina,   Disbursements totaling $141,335.41 were then also unanimous-
        Georgia,  North  Carolina,  Tennessee,  Kentucky,  RVN,  Palo   ly approved.
        Alto, CA, San Diego CA, Denver (Bonnie Brae), Centennial,
        and now in Larkspur.  We’ve been here since 2006, and we   Next on the agenda was the consideration of an additional Bear
        aren’t going ANYWHERE else.  I told my wife to cremate me   Creek Weir bridge, which was held over from the March meet-
        when I die, and just chuck me off the back deck.          ing. Since that meeting several board members had visited the
                                                                  site and Director Morris had provided a map of the flood plain
        But I’d like to be remembered as a good friend, a good neigh-  involved. After a brief discussion the board unanimously voted
        bor, and someone who smiled and appreciated the privilege of   not to construct an additional bridge. Next up was a discussion
        living here.  I’m still healthy and riding my Harley cruiser, so   as to whether or not to proceed at this time with the Gove Ditch
        I’ll be here for a while, but I urge all to smile more often.   Water Court case, wherein the water rights dedicated to the Dis-
                                                                  trict by the  Sandstone Inclusion Agreement would be formally
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