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FYI Continued from page 2                                 a feast for the eye of child and adult alike.

         2017 MONUMENT HILL FARMERS MARKET in down-               Collier “lives in the enchanted forest of Larkspur, Colorado,”
        town Monument at 66 Jefferson will be open on Saturdays   and is a regular contributor to the Perry Park Sentinel, where
        through October 14th. Hours are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Over 55   he writes a column called “Bearwise,”a humorous and infor-
        vendors participate including Abdul’s Produce, C and R farms,   mative column about our neighbors the bears, written from the
        Royal Crest Dairy, Tamales,  Mountain Man Honey,  Pasta and   perspective of one Beary Bear, who roams the country side in
        Olive Oil, James’ BBQ,  Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Scentsy,   and around the town of Larkspur, coexisting with his “human
        Avon, Jewelry, Dog Bones and Treats, Juice Plus, Antiques,    zoo.” Collier also authored the upcoming Retirement is Recess
        Colorado  Cuddles  (embroidery)  Sewing  Crafts,  Wild  Bird-  for Grown-ups due out in early 2018.
        houses, Grammies Desserts, and  Essential Oils.
                                                                  The signing of the new book will coincide with a scheduled
        THE CASTLE ROCK FARMERS MARKET is located at              book buy-in on The proceeds from the sale of
        6th and Wilcox in downtown Castle Rock, Colorado. The mar-  the books will go to the non-profit Jessie’s Heart Foundation, a
        ket is open on Saturdays, 8 a.m. to Noon.
                                                                  charity which helps families who may have a member suffering
                                                                  from a heart-related condition. The organization, established by
        DOUGLAS  COUNTY  SLASH/MULCH  SITE:  Open                 the Colliers after the passing of their daughter Jessie, assisted
        through October 28 on Saturdays only, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. In case   over 167 families in 2016 with such essentials as housing to be
        of inclement weather, please call 303-663-6274 to ensure that   near the ill relative, meals, transportation, utilities, and other
        the site will be open as scheduled. Acceptable items include   household related expenses. On Saturday, June 3, the dollars
        tree limbs, branches, shrubs, and brush with a maximum length   for every book purchased will be matched 100 percent by the
        of 6 feet and a maximum diameter of 12 inches. All loads must   Colliers.
        be covered when they arrive at the site. Free wood chips are
        available to homeowners for use as mulch. An equipment op-  For more information, contact Cindy Cramer at 303-681-3046.
        erator is onsite to load wood chips. Material can be picked up   ~KCramer
        anytime during the season the site is open to accept slash.

        HELP MAKE QUILTS TO DONATE Join the Blanket Bri-
        gade on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 10   HELLO, LARKSPUR MOMS!
        a.m. at the Perry Park Country Club to tie the quilts, so you do
        not need any special sewing skills.  We are a 501 (c)3, and we             Don’t forget the yard sale on June 3!
        gratefully accept donations of fabric, yarn, batting and thread.
        If  you  have  a  donation,  please  contact  Gwen  Underwood  at          Summer  is  finally  here!    For  more  in-; her phone number is 303-681-2125,                     formation  on  the  Larkspur  Mothers’
        or Cindy Hotaling at;  her phone is 303-                Group, please visit our website at www.
        681-0374.                                                          or  email  us  at
                                                                           The Lark-
                                                                                   spur Mothers’ Group is open to all moms
        LARKSPUR AUTHOR TO READ AND                                                in  the  Larkspur  area.    We  host  monthly
        SIGN NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK                                  play groups and Moms’ nights out.  We are always looking for
                                                                  new moms to join our group!
        Join Jim Collier on Saturday, June 3 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
        for a reading and signing of The World Was Flat at the Lark-  This summer we will be taking a break from scheduled play
        spur Book Exchange, located at 9524 Spruce Mountain Road   groups; however, I hope you can join us for our Moms’ night
        in Larkspur. The originally scheduled signing, April 29, was   out on June 16th!  We also hope to continue our Larkspur Spray
        snowed out.                                               Dayz tradition so stay tuned for more details to come!

        “To parents, grandparents, teachers, and other kindred spirits
        who read aloud to children....share a story, remember the mo-

        Thus begins local author Jim Collier’s new children’s book,
        The World Was Flat. Collier has imbued his story with a fresh
        voice that’s sure to appeal to all ages; the notion that the world
        was  once  flat  until  someone  dared  to  dream  and  think  and
        search beyond the accepted notion. Mention must be made of
        Gail M. Nelson’s soft-focus watercolor illustrations. With the
        deft hand of a master visualizer, Nelson lifts images from the
        text that urge the lesson-based story along. Her illustrations are
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