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The Perry Park


                                                                                       JUNE 2017

        IS IT SUMMER YET???

        I love Colorado weather.  It is never dull. It never al-  away two deer who often take refuge there in rain
        lows us to get complacent.                                or snow.  They returned as soon as the crazy lady
                                                                  crawled back to the front porch.
        We had no winter—until April.  And May.
                                                                  Just now I received an email from the Perry Park Metro

        As I write this, on the 18th of May, it is snowing.  It   Board announcing that the Firewise meeting sched-
        was snowing when I got up at 6 a.m. and it is still       uled for tonight has been cancelled YET AGAIN be-
        snowing now at 9 p.m.  Fortunately today has been         cause of inclement weather.  It was originally sched-
        warm  enough                                                                               uled  for  April
        that a lot of the                                                                          29—when we had
        snow  has  al-                                                                             15-18  inches  of
        ready    melted,                                                                           snow.  If I were on
        but  it’s  still  a                                                                        the  Metro  Board,
        proper     mess                                                                            I’d be really leery
        out  there—and                                                                             of     reschedul-
        it’s  now  below                                                                           ing  that  meeting
        freezing.    And                                                                           again.  We  don’t
        still snowing.                                                                             need a snowstorm
                                                                                                   in June!
        At  some  point
        this  afternoon,                                                                           Happy  June,  ev-
        it  dawned  on                                                                             e r y o n e — m a y
        me that the hose                                                                           summer finally ar-
        on  the  front  of                                                                         rive in force! And
        the  house  was                         PHOTO BY ROBIN CECERO                              please,  may  the
        connected—and                                                                            next day of precipi-
        a hard freeze is predicted.  Oops.  But rather than                                      tation  be  a  gentle,
        tackle a long, rather icy walkway to get to the hose,     simple rain? No floods, no blizzards, no hail—a soft,
        I climbed over a retaining wall and crawled along         soaking  rain.  Is  that  so  much  to  ask  for?
        under the eaves to disconnect the hose, frightening           ~KDale
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