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PP METRO Continued from page 12                           THE SEASON FOR BABY
                                                                  BUNNIES IS HERE!
        The PPMD Board applied to Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO)
        for a Planning grant to complete the design, engineering and   Kathy Meyer, LVT...
        planning for Wauconda Park.  Unfortunately, this project was   Licensed Colorado Wildlife Rehabilitator
        not funded.  We will continue to pursue grants and other sources   303-726-789
        of funding to complete this project.
                                                                  It’s wildlife baby season and we will be seeing more and more
        To encourage Perry Park residents to better prepare their prop-  cute little things in our neighborhood. Some of these cute little
        erty and community for a wildfire event, the PPMD is making   things will be baby bunnies (eastern cottontails) and mom is not
        funding available to all PPMD residents and property owners   picky about where she builds her “nest.” I put “nest” in quotes
        through a residential mitigation grant program.           because you may not even see a nest.  You may find these little
                                                                  guys in a hole in your favorite flower pot on the deck, in a pile
        This program has a total of $25,000 in funding made available   of mulch next to your house, under your front porch and hid-
        to  the  FIRST  50  successful  applicants  and  will  help  defray   den right in the middle of your front lawn in the grass, just low
        resident mitigation costs billed by third party contractors (see   enough so you can’t see them.
        specifics in the PPMD website for details: http://perrypark.
        org/resident-information/resident-mitgation-grants/.      First of all, if you do find a nest of baby bunnies, leave them
                                                                  alone! Mama bunny is around. She will only come to feed them
        Committee Reports:                                        dawn and dusk and does not stay there as she knows her pres-
        The Social Committee has had its first meeting and is putting   ence will attract predators to the babies. She will stay just close
        together a list of ideas for social/community events.     enough to watch the nest and chase a predator away or get the
                                                                  predator to chase her instead. She can be very elusive. You could
        The Parks & Rec Committee is planning its first meeting on   sit and watch for her all day, but I guarantee you will miss the
        April 8, 1 p.m. at 6465 Perry Park Blvd (Linda Black’s house).    few minutes she comes to the nest to feed and is gone again. If
        If you are interested in this committee please plan on attending   you haven’t seen mom and are concerned that she is not caring
        or contact Linda for additional information.              for the babies, a simple trick is to spread cooking flour around
                                                                  the nest area so mom has to walk through it to reach them. You
        Respectfully submitted,                                   will see that the flour has been disturbed or tracked around and
        Linda Black, Secretary                                    know that she is caring for them. If after 24 hours you do not
        Perry Park Metro District                                 see signs of mom it is ok to call a rehabilitator for advice. Do
                                                                  not try to feed the babies as they have a very sensitive gastro-
                                                                  intestinal system that can be upset very easily. The babies grow
           Computer Support
           Computer Support
          Computer Support                                        weeks. If you see a baby in your yard about the size of a tennis
                                                                  very fast and will usually be gone and on their own in a few
                                                                  ball, it is old enough to be out on its own and does not need any
          When you need it. Where you need it.                    help at all. Any smaller than that, it will need to be cared for
                                                                  until it is self-sufficient.
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                         Black Bear DigitalBlack Bear Digital

                         FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION!             So what if your cat or dog disturbs the nest or brings you a
                             303.681.9432                         “present”? If you know where the nest is or can follow your cat

                             ������������������������             or dog back to the nest (they’ll most likely go back for another
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