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PERRY PARK METRO DISTRICT                                 In  addition,  Kurt  Schlegel,  from  Special  District  Solutions,
        (PPMD) UPDATE                                             LLC was present.

        On  March  8,  2018,  the                                 Three community members were present: Steven Rea, Walt Ko-
        PPMD  Board  met  at  the                                 rinke and Nicole Tahmindjis
        Larkspur town hall for the
        monthly  meeting.    The                                  Meeting Schedule
        meeting was called to order                               The regular meeting place, the Perry Park Country Club is being
        at 6 p.m..  There was a quorum with the following board mem-  remodeled and the meeting room is unavailable during the first
        bers in attendance:                                       quarter of 2018.  The April 2018 PPMD Board meetings will be
                                                                  held at the Larkspur Town Hall, 8720 Spruce Mountain Road.
        Board Members                                             The meetings will be start at the regular time, 6 p.m. The PPMD
        President                                      Randy Johnson  Board greatly appreciates the support and assistance from our
        Vice President                             Derek Meredith  partners at the Town of Larkspur.  A big shout out to Mayor
        Treasurer                                     Vanessa Dao  Gerry Been, and Matt Krimmer, Town Manager, for their flex-
        Secretary                                      Linda Black  ibility and willingness to work with the PPMD Board.

        The remaining 2018 meeting schedule is below:

        Date           Meeting Type         Location                                                            Start Time
        04/07/2018     Special Meeting      Larkspur Town Hall (8720 Spruce Mountain Road, Larkspur, CO 80118   3:00 PM
        04/12/2018     Regular Meeting      Larkspur Town Hall (8720 Spruce Mountain Road, Larkspur, CO 80118   6:00 PM
        05/10/2018     Regular Meeting      PPCC                                                             6:00 PM
        07/12/2018     Regular Meeting      PPCC                                                             6:00 PM
        08/09/2018     Regular Meeting      PPCC                                                             6:00 PM
        09/13/2018     Regular Meeting      PPCC                                                             6:00 PM
        10/11/2018     Regular Meeting      PPCC                                                             6:00 PM
        11/15/2018     Regular Meeting      PPCC                                                             6:00 PM
        12/13/2018     Regular Meeting      PPCC                                                             6:00 PM

        We thought that the old format for this report was boring.  To help you know what’s going on in our community we will report upcoming
        events.  All meeting agendas and minutes are available on the PPMD website:

        Here is a snapshot of upcoming community events:

        DATE           EVENT                LOCATION              CONTACT INFO                 COMMENTS
        03/24/2018     PP Mother’s Group
                       Easter Egg Hunt      Big D                        Sarah Bretz           10:00 AM to 12:00 AM
        04/21/2018     Shred-a-thon         Red Rocks Dr & Hwy 105       Nicole Tahmindjis     10:00 AM to 12:00 AM
        06/01/2018     Slash pickup start
        05/12/2018J    Junk Dump            Gravel Pit                                         PP Ranch residents only.
                                                                                               proof of residence required
        07/04/2018     Independence Day                                                        Participants arrive at 10:30a.m.
                       Celebration Parade   Big D                                              Parade starts at 11 a.m.
                                                                                               Free ice cream and water
        07/04/2018     Independence Day
                       Celebration          Denver concert band                                7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
                                                                                               Food in the country
                                                                                               club parking lot
        07/04/2018     Independence Day
                       Celebration fireworks                                                    Start at dusk

        The PPMD applied for a fire mitigation grant, but this project did not receive funding. This project was designed to complete additional
        wildfire mitigation.  We will apply again in 2019.

        This does not impact the Mitigation & Resident Grant program.  Each year the Metro District implements mitigation efforts to our sur-
        rounding areas using both procured grants as well as District funds.
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