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WORDS Continued from page 6                               building for $1.6 million.  The 8,500 square foot, 1-story. steel
                                                                  sided building built in 1978 is about to undergo renovations
        Advisors office in the Creek                               to serve as the new home of the Church.  Located across from
        Ridge  Building  located  in                              the Douglas County Library, the building at 2 Phelps Street has
        Larkspur’s   commercial                                   received town approval for the new façade that will compliment
        core at 8520 Spruce Moun-                                 the Library and Town Hall architecture with a fresh contempo-
        tain Road.    His  suite #106                             rary look which far exceeds the appeal of the existing service
        is  adjacent  to  the  town’s                             building’s aged appearance.
        favorite dentist, Dr. Brittany of Pineland Dentist.  The 96-year-
        old investment service company has almost $20 billion in as-                  The  Oakwood  Senior  Apartments
        sets, 43,000 employees and over 14,000 offices spread across                   are  located  one  block  south  of  the
        the U.S. and Canada.  Edward Jones is owned by its employees                  Douglas County High School at Front
        and is not publicly traded.  They provide financial advice and                 Street and Oakwood Drive.  The 33
        offer commission-based and fee-based financial products with                   year  old  project  consists  of  seven
        your relationship based on a personal level with an individual                two-story  buildings  with  sixty-four
                                                                                      one and two-bedroom units that rent
                                                                                      to  seniors  for  $650  to  +$1,200  per
                        Many thanks to one of Larkspur’s histori-
                        ans, Dana Hamling, who has just retired
                        from  many  years  of  volunteer  service  to   month.   Acquired  by  Douglas
                        the Larkspur Historical Society.  Dana is a   County Housing Partnership in
                        piece  of                                 2006 for $3 million, the own-
                        our  his-                                 ers are seeking an amendment
                        tory her-                                 to  double  the  density  to  109
        self, and without her diligent                            units.  If approved one of the
        efforts  along  with  the  other                          seven  buildings  (eight  apartments)  would  be  removed  and  a
        Society members, we would                                 new three-story building containing 53 units would be added to
        have  little  memories  of  our                           the 2.6 acre site.  Public hearings are required.
        area’s  quite  interesting  history.    Many  thanks  Dana!    Go  to for information on their                   The  Crystal  Valley  Development
        monthly meetings and historical events held during the year.
                                                                                        Company  has  applied  to  Castle
                                                                                        Rock  planning  for  an  expansion
        CASTLE ROCK – King Soopers has announced plans to roll                          of Crystal Valley, adding 70 acres
                              out “SCAN, BAG, & GO” in 34                               on the southern boundary between
                              of its 142 Colorado stores this year.                     Bell  Ranch  and  the  Sellers  Creek
                              Hopefully  the  new  Castle  Rock                         Ranch, to be known as the Ridge
                              store is among the early selections.                      Estates.    Subject  to  public  hear-
                              The intent is to provide a quicker                        ings,  the  company  wants  to  build
                              and  more  convenient  way  to  buy   52 single family units along with adding more open space.
        groceries.  The initial effort  allows customers to use a hand-
        held device to scan products as they shop; the total is calculated   Currently  in  the  permitting
        and you pay at a self-checkout station.  The longer term plan is   stage,  the  Premier  Members
        to make the service available from your cell phone to both scan   Credit  Union  is  planning  its
        and pay, completely bypassing the checkout lines.  Add this to   new building at the Promenade,
        their current system that lets you buy your groceries on line and   top of the hill next to the 7-11
        pick them up outside the store and the time savings go together   and  Chick  Fil-A  which  are  in
        to make your grocery shopping almost a joy.
                                                                  the ground work stage of con-
                                                                  struction.  With 11 Colorado locations, Premier was formed in
                                    A  start-up  church,  Eternal   2015 by the merger of two +50 year old credit unions with over
                                    Rock  Evangelical  Luther-    $850 million in assets and 65,000 members.  The Promenade
                                    an Church, has been hold-     continues to grow as a financial center with the inclusion of
                                    ing  services  in  the  Castle   several new banks (B of A, Chase) and the recent opening of
                                    Rock Middle School located
                                                                  the ENT Credit Union.

                                                                                            The  slab  has  been  poured
        at  2575  Meadows  Blvd.                                                            for  the  construction  of  a  new
        Last June, they acquired                                                            4,500  square  foot  Sherwin
        the  former  Steele  Tire
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