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PET Continued from page 5                                                          phase.  In addition, eight units
                                                                                           have just commenced construc-
        months of age).  That test requires one drop of blood and takes                    tion in the fourth sector on Echo
        about 10 minutes to perform.
                                                                                           Butte Drive by Gabriel Devel-
                                                                                           opment which will be building a
        Fleas and ticks take a much longer period of heat and humid-                       modified version of the original
                                             ity to be a threat.                           developer’s  plan.    Units  range
                                             For that reason, I   in the upper 2,000 square foot size with high quality finishes
                                             typically  recom-    and provide owners with a low maintenance life style and hill-
                                             mend  prevention     top views.  Last year, Perry Park had a record residential sales
                                             from about April     year totaling nearly $40 million, including 22 new completions
                                             through  October     and 40 resales as the base of homes nears the 800 mark.  No
                                             in Colorado.  The    longer a hidden secret, the Park is sharing in Colorado’s very
                                             precise  time  to    active growth surge. Besides the new condos under way, 22 sin-
                                             start  and  discon-  gle family homes are in various stages of construction and the
                                             tinue  this  pre-    remaining number of buildable lots has become very slim.  Lot
                                             vention  depends     sales in the currently unbuildable areas without finished streets
                                             on  our  weather     and utilities are spiking and will probably produce expansion
                                             and the pets’ ex-    of services sooner than we think, especially along Bannock and
                                             posure  (if  they    Mohawk.
                                             travel  to  warm/
                                             wet  places  or  in
        high-contact environments they may need prevention at times                        It may look like the same old
                                                                                           Club as you drive up, but you
        I would not typically recommend in Colorado.  The prescrip-                        are in for a pleasant surprise this
        tion flea/tick products like Bravecto, Simparica, and NexGard                       spring  as  the  major  upgrades
        are much more effective and safer than the over-the- counter                       are finished.  The golf course
        options.  Fleas can carry disease like plague (the Black Death)                    is always a joy, but the many
        that affects both people and cats severely.  Ticks can carry many                  modifications  to  the  Perry
        diseases.  One of the more fascinating, but negative results, of
        a bite by the Lone Star tick is the transmission of a sugar called   Park County Club building will
        Alpha-Gal that may make the human permanently deathly al-  warm your heart.  While preserv-
        lergic to meat.
                                                                  ing  the  wonderful  and  greeting
                                                                  exterior,  inside  the  new  dining
        Prevent these parasites (intestinal worms, fleas, and ticks) from   room, expanded grill and new bar room, expanded grill and new bar room, expanded grill and new bar
        accessing your home by treating your pets; prevention protects   are well planned and near-
        humans and keeps that pet healthier.
                                                                  ing  completion.    The  old
                                                                  exterior  uncovered  deck
        Please call your local Larkspur Pet Hospital at 303-681-3980 if   is  gone,  being  replaced
        you have any questions.
                                                                  with a larger, covered deck
        WALT’S WORDS                                              which  should  see  heavy
                                                                  use as the golf season rolls
        Walt Korinke...                                           around.  Great cross of historical preservation combined with a

                                                                  well needed updating to the interior areas.  Can’t wait to taste
        My doctor asked if any                                    the new menu, which includes PIZZA!
        members of my family
        suffered  from  insan-                                    LARKSPUR –  The Town of Larkspur and Chamber of Com-
        ity, I replied, no, we all                                                         merce are expanding the Music
        seem to enjoy it.                                                                  in the Park program for 2018,
                                                                                           booking double the number of
        PERRY PARK – 2017 was an excellent year for Stone Aspen’s                          concerts.  The six concerts are
                                    Retreat  in  Perry  Park.                              scheduled  for  two  a  month,
                                    They  completed  and  sold                             June through August.  Free en-
                                    out their first phase of hill-  tertainment in an old-country-style format with a little culinary
                                    side, expansive-view condo-   flair will continue to make for an wonderful summer evening.
                                    minium units from the mid     Watch for announcements of this summer’s performers.
                                    $500,000  to  mid  $600,000
        range.  For this year they plan a March kick-off of another eight   Gilad Shwartz has opened the new Edward Jones Financial
        units with new designs, including six two-story units with roof-
        top decks and two ranches, to be built across from the initial                             Continued on page 7
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