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CLEAN UP PERRY PARK!                                      see lots of residents and their pets walking along our streets and
        Pati Palumbo...                                           back-country roadways, enjoying the fresh air and exercise.  We
                                                                  would like to ask all residents to grab a recyclable green litter
        What started out as a beautiful day ended in sheer disappoint-  bag and take a walk along your street and pick up trash; then
        ment.  As I rode along the undulating hills and streets on my   when you get home, deposit it into your trash receptacles.  This
        bicycle, I savored the beauty around me: the clear, birds-egg   would be a great activity for families, to teach our youth the
        blue skies without a cloud anywhere to be seen, the warm gen-  importance of how littering can destroy the beauty of our com-
        tle breeze coming from the chinook winds cascading down the   munity, state and country.
        slopes of the nearby foothills, the pungent smell of the crisp,
        clean Ponderosa Pines and the majesty of the ancient rock for-  There will be a receptacle at the entrance to the Draper’s Ranch
        mations that lie in the heart of the serene valley we call Perry   on Perry Park Boulevard starting April 1st. There will be a sign
        Park .... Now, who wouldn’t want to live in a superlative loca-  on the container.  Please take a few bags with the intent of beau-
        tion like that ?  THEN I LOOKED DOWN!                     tifying our community and encourage your friends and neigh-
                                                                  bors to do the same
                                            Everywhere    I
                                            looked,  the  road-   PET TALK WITH PILAR
                                            sides were littered   Pilar Starman, DVM...
                                            with  trash:  ciga-
                                            rette  stubs,  beer
                                                                  BUGS THAT BUG US ALL
                                            cans,  food  wrap-
                                                                  As the temperatures warm up and (if)
                                            pers  of  all  kinds,
                                                                  precipitation increases, we will see an
                                            plastic  water  bot-
                                                                  increase  in  parasites.   These  parasites
        tles, etc..  It put such a damper on my spirits that I decided that
                                                                  include  both  internal  (heartworm,  in-
        something needed to be done about it.   I only hope that many
                                                                  testinal parasites) and external “bugs”
        of you out there feel as I do and recognize the need and desir-
                                                                  (fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes).  These parasites can cause our
        ability for a litter-free community!
                                                                  dogs and cats (and other pets) significant illness and discom-
                                                                  fort.  These parasites may even cause humans (mostly children
        Twice a year a group of members of Perry Park Country Club
                                                                  under the age of 5) medical problems, which can be as severe
        walk  along  Hwy.  105  from  Tomah  Road  to  the  entrance  of
                                                                  as blindness.  Tapeworms may cause cysts to develop in the
        Perry Park Ranch, picking up trash as part of Douglas County
                                                                  liver/brain (or other organs) and can lead to serious illness.  It
        Adopt-A-Roadway program.  The Adopt-A-Roadway Program
                                                                  is much better to prevent disease than to have to treat it when
        has been established for civic-minded volunteer organizations
                                                                  it happens.
        to contribute toward the effort of maintaining litter-free road-
                                                                  In our semi-rural environment with so much wildlife and oth-
                                                                  er dogs around, intestinal parasites are common and may be
        But  once  you  enter
                                                                  a year-round problem.  The heartworm prevention we recom-
        the boundaries of Per-
                                                                  mend protects not only against heartworms, but also treats for
        ry  Park  Ranch,  you
                                                                  roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.  Due
        will  find  unsightly
                                                                  to the harm of intestinal parasites to pets and people, all dogs
        roadsides and ditches
                                                                  should be on year-round heartworm prevention (unless there is
        filled  with  TRASH!
                                                                  a specific reason it is not appropriate for that dog).  If cats go
        We  need  caring  resi-
                                                                  outside or live near a significantly wet area they should also
        dents to come out and
                                                                  be on heartworm prevention.  To start your dog on heartworm
        volunteer to help make our community beautiful and appealing
                                                                  prevention they need a heartworm test first (if they are over 6
        to not only those who abide here in our gorgeous valley, but
                                                                                                   Continued on page 6
        also to potential residents hoping to make this their home.  All
        this beauty surrounding us is spoiled by the unsightly litter on
        our streets.
                                            So  please  join                            electric
                                            your neighbors in
                                            this   worthwhile
                                            endeavor to Clean
                                            Up  Perry  Park!       Pete Dunbar           1341 Quartz Mountain Drive
                                            I  would  like  to                            Larkspur, Colorado 80118
                                            declare  April  as                                 303-681-3809
                                            “Clean  Up  Perry                                Cell 303-638-6762
                                            Park”  month.    I
        Photos by Pati Palumbo
                                                                                Perry Park Sentinel April 2018 - Page 5
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