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WORDS Continued from page 7                               slaw  and  sweet  bourbon  bbq  sauce
                                                                  or try the Frito Pie, a variety of egg
        Williams  Paint  Store  on  the  southwest  corner  of  Meadows   dishes  for  the  morning  and  a  pastry
        Boulevard and Ambrosia Street.  The site is adjacent to the two   cabinet with your choice of muffins,
        office buildings located across the street from the Castle Rock   cinnamon rolls, quiche and pies.  This
        Adventist Hospital.
                                                                  is my kind of down- home food in a
                                                                  small town that runs the gamut of res-
        CASTLE PINES – Efforts to make the closed Safeway into a   taurant types and prices.
        cannabis grow operation led the city to to pass Ordinance 13-05
        prohibiting cultivation facilities, marijuana product manufac-  COLORADO SPRINGS – Foreclosure and  tax liens brings
        turing facilities, testing and retail stores within the city with the              the  end  to  Trapper’s  Rendez-
        caveat “the operation of marijuana establishments within the                       vous  restaurant  and  saloon
        city would not be in the interest of the public health, safety or                  – no more steaks and seafood
        welfare of the city’s residential and business community.”  The                    in the rustic old western cabin
        city also adopted Ordinance 17-07 which tacks on the state’s                       atmosphere.    It  only  lasted
        limitation of 12 marijuana plants in a residence with the excep-                   three years in this building that
        tion of 30 plants to marijuana patients and primary caregivers.
                                                                                           has  housed  many  restaurants
                                                                                           over the years, i.e. New South
        PALMER  LAKE  – The  third  try  to  get  the  right  restaurant   Wales, the Mason Jar and Zane’s Steakhouse.  Built in 1993, the
                                    operation  in  the  old  Palmer   6,077 square foot building will become available for another try
                                    Lake Gas Station (56 S. Col-  once Central Bank & Trust becomes the owner.
                                    orado  -  #105)  is  a  winner.
                                    Darcy  and  Greg  remodeled   The  University  Village  Shop-
                                    Dex’s Diner brings you three   ping  Center  (Nevada  and  Gar-
                                    meals a day, six days a week
        (closed Thursdays) with a menu that tops out at $7.75.  Start   den  of  the  Gods)  gets  another
                                                                  tenant  as  the  Duluth  Trading
        your morning at 6 a.m. and finish dining by 8 p.m. on a menu   Co. prepares its 125,500 square
        that features Dex’s Dog made of slow-smoked pork, tangy cole-
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               Interior and Exterior Painting & Staining

                             Wood Deck Refinishing & Repair

                 Exterior &           Power Washing of Barns, Commercial,
                  Interior            Residential Buildings & Sidewalks
                                                  Drywall Texture & Wood Repairs

                                We Approve             45 Years Experience
                                 the colors
                    Many          the HOA                   Bonded and Insured
                 References                            For a Free Estimate, call
                                                              John Axiotis
                                                            (303) 507-8121

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