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adults.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife has put a brochure on line
        NEWS FROM THE LARKSPUR                                    that you can print and share with your family.  It is available
        FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT                                  Wildlife/LivingWithLions.pdf.
        Mike Grill, Board of Directors
        for the LFPD...                                           Parks  and  Wildlife  has  an  extensive  discussion  of  mountain
                                                                  lions in our state in two parts and includes a printable chart
        LFPD Mission Statement                                    designed  especially  for  teaching  children  what  to  do  if  they
        Dedicated  to  our  community  through                    encounter dangerous wildlife.  Part one of the mountain lion
        quality  services,  compassion,  and  ex-                 discussion  is  at
        cellence.                                                 withWildlifeLion1.aspx.

        Calls for Service Summary                                 In  fact,  you  need  to  explore  the  entire  CPW  site  and  book-
                                                                  mark  it.    Bears  are  coming  soon,  if  they’re  not  already  out.
            LFPD Call Statistics  - January 1 thru Feb 28, 2018
                                                                  MARCH NEWS FROM
                       Fires                 0
                       EMS                 28                     PERRY PARK WATER
                       Alarm Activations       2Activations       2  James Matchett...
                       Other               20
                       TOTAL               50                     The  March  regular  Board  Meeting  of  the
                                                                  Perry Park Water & Sanitation District was
        Upcoming Events                                           called to order at 4:30 P.M. on the 21st with
                                                                  three Directors present. Director LaCrosse
        IMPORTANT!  LFPD Board of Directors Public Meeting        and  Director  Peterson  had  both  received
        on April 12                                               excused absences, and the Director quorum of minimum three
                                                                  was met.
        At the next LFPD board meeting the public is urged to attend
        to meet the candidates for the upcoming May 8th election to    The first order of business was the approval of the minutes as
        the Board of Directors. The next LFPD Board meeting will be   amended of the February21st regular meeting and that approval
        Thursday, April 12 at 7 p.m. at Station 161, located at 9414   was unanimous. Disbursements totaling $121,944.80 were then
        Spruce Mountain Road.  During this meeting the community   unanimously approved.
        will have an opportunity for new candidates to meet the sitting
        Board, ask questions, and respond to questions from residents   A Water and Sewer Service Feasibility Study for a Poncho Road
        attending the meeting.                                    development had been completed and was unanimously accept-
                                                                  ed by the board. Following this, the Tenderfoot Gulch Project
        If you’re interested in serving as an election judge for the May   was conditionally accepted by the board. Next, the district had
        8th election please contact election official Jodi Warner at 303-  received an unsolicited proposal from Thrive Broadband LLC
        681-3284. Participants will be compensated for their time.
                                                                  regarding an easement to accommodate a Fiber Hut and related
                                                                  fiber optics network components on district property. Given the
        On behalf of the entire Larkspur Fire Protection District fam-  present number of projects in work in the district, the district
        ily, we thank you for your continued support – and please stay
        safe!                                                     manager was instructed by the Board to advise Thrive there was
                                                                  no interest in doing so at this time.
                                                                   The District Systems Report for February submitted by Semo-
                              There was a video on MSN’s news     cor was then reviewed and operations were noted as normal.
                              page not long ago about “rare sight-  The Monthly Staff Report submitted by District Manager Diana
                              ing”  of  a  mountain  lion  family,   Miller was also reviewed. The District Manager further advised
                              mom and three half-grown cubs, in   the Board that four bids had been received for the Sage Port
                              southern  California.    Huh.    Check   Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements and the low bid of
                              out  some  of  the  pictures  our  lo-  $498,000 will be accepted.
                              cal,  Larkspur  area  mountain  lions.
                              Nothing rare about our local sight-  While there were no specific comments from the audience of
                              ings.  It is obvious that we share our   two residents in attendance during the time set aside for audi-
                              rocks and woods with a number of    ence participation, at several points during the preceding meet-
        Photo from Jim Collier  lions,  including  our  own  large-fe-  ing discussions, questions from them were raised and answered
        line families!                                            by district and board personnel. The meeting was adjourned at
        That being the case, we need to learn to live with them.  We   5:25 p.m. As always, additional information is available on the
        need to learn to protect animals and small children—as well as
                                                                  district website,
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