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WORDS Continued from page 8                                          With  six  locations  in  the  Springs,  DUTCH
                                                                             BROS. COFFEE is making its entrance to Den-
        foot store next to the Stein Mart, expected to open this month       ver with its first drive-thru to be located in front
        with its stock of casual and work clothing for men and women         of the well-known Casa Bonita Mexican restau-
        With 30 stores nationwide, it will add a different touch to the      rant located at 6715 W. Colfax.  Dutch Bros., the
        existing Costco, Kohl’s, and Trader Joe’s in the complex.            country’s largest, privately held drive-thru coffee
                                                                             company,  was  founded  in  Oregon  in  1992  and
        If  Denver’s  Southtown  Shop-                            currently has 290  blue and white drive-thrus located in seven
        ping  Complex  is  out  of  your                          western states.  The Boersma brothers sold their dairy cows,
        way, the Lazy Dog Restaurant                              bought a coffee brewer and started their business in their barn,
        & Bar is planning its 27th store                          preferring the smell of coffee
        (two in Denver) to be located in                          to cow manure, which led to
        Colorado  Springs.    The  former                         where  they  are  today.    Very
        My Big Fat Greek Restaurant building at 7605 Academy will   popular  in  the  Springs,  they
        be torn down and replaced with an 8,409 square foot Lazy Dog   should quickly become a fix-
        along with a 1,668 square foot patio.  As the name implies, it   ture in the Denver market as
        is DOG FRIENDLY – bring Fido to the table.  A rustic décor,   they  quickly  expand  across
        and menu that ranges from burgers and pizzas to steaks and   the City.
        seafood.  Probably a late fall opening.

        DENVER – With RidgeGate’s Montecito phase of new homes
                                located adjacent to Cabela’s  vir-
                                tually  built  out,  the  next  phase
                                located  in  the  canyon  behind
                                Cabela’s has begun construction.
                                The Retreat at RidgeGate, con-

        sist of 50 single family residen-
        tial sites on 50 acres, preserving
        a lot of the natural slopes, veg-
        etation and wildlife of the can-
        yon.  The rapid growth of office,
        commercial/retail,  multi-family
        rental and condos continues to expand on the sections closer
        to and along Lincoln Avenue; and the FastTraks expansion past
        the hospital and ending across I-25 is almost ready to open for
        service.  RidgeGate is becoming a small town of its own.

                              In  1965,  Ruth  Fertel  mortgaged   Lisa Warteman says she’s been waiting all winter for
                              her home in the amount of $22,000   a picture of a turkey in the snow.  Well worth the wait!
                              to  buy  Chris  Matuhcl’s  New  Or-  Shot with Canon Powershot, telephoto lens.
                              leans  steak  house  and  started  the
                              RUTH’S CHRIS STEAKHOUSE
                              journey  to  today’s  +160  chain  of
                              internationally  famous  steakhous-
                              es.  A downtown franchised steak-
                              house was replaced with a corporate
        owned restaurant in 2014, and                                     Feel and look your best with
        based on its success, has just
        opened  their  surburban  loca-                                 help from Full Circle Larkspur
        tion in the recently completed
        One Belleview Station build-
        ing just west of I-25 on Bel-                                                  fc
        leview.    Known  world  over
        for its fine selection of steaks,
        they accompany other fine dishes like Chilean Sea Bass, Blue          pilates • yoga • massage
        Crab Cakes, stuffed Chicken Breast, and more.  Think I will go
        out for dinner tonight.                               

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