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The Perry Park


                                                                                          APRIL 2018


        Not long ago, I suggested someone write up his concerns about   ago. No one else stepped forward. These days we have some
        a local issue for the next Sentinel edition.  “I didn’t know we   really  good  proofreaders—probably  more  important  in  the
        could do that,” he said.  As far as the Sentinel is concerned,   long run than decision makers!—and some long-time colum-
        “we” can do just about anything we please.  It has always been   nists.  We also have some reporters who keep us apprised of
        a free, community newsletter supported by donations and local   what goes on in various areas, LFPD, water district, the Lark-
        advertisers  and  produced  by  volun-                                        spur Moms’ group, etc. Historians and
        teers.                                                                        hikers have published in these pages.
                                                                                      In the last several issues we’ve had ar-
        Several years ago, we had to go digi-                                         ticles from local wildlife rehabilitators
        tal because printing and mailing costs                                        who are trying to educate us about all
        had become prohibitive.  These days,                                          the wildlife babies being born in our
        the biggest expense we have is pay-                                           area!   Beary Bear drops by for part
        ing Gari to do the layout and create                                          of the year to explain living in bear
        the PDF.  We are still supported only                                         country—check  out  his  return  from
        by  donations  and  local  advertisers,                                       hibernation in this issue!
        and,  believe  me,  we  are  still  decid-
        edly non-profit!  When it was mailed,                                          These  are  simply  people  who  have
        the  newsletter  reached  about  1800                                         something  to  say  that  they  want  to
        homes.  These days, we have no idea                                           share  with  the  community.    Surely
        how many people it reaches—maybe                                              there are others of you out there with
        six?    Maybe  sixty?  Maybe  600?    I                                       something to say that might be of in-
        guess  6000  is  a  stretch!    Feedback                                      terest to your neighbors, so why not
        would be nice. Do you read it?  Do                                            share  your  thoughts  with  Sentinel
        your neighbors? We really would like                                          readers?    Be  factual  or  be  creative.
        to know!                                                                      Poems print just as easily as reports.
                                                                                      Photographs are welcomed as well—
        So who owns the Sentinel?  We do.                                             though I do keep stealing them from
        All of us who read it and produce it.                                         the Larkspur Facebook pages!
        I  am  currently  the  default  decision
        maker  because  there’s  no  one  else                                        Submission  is  easy.    Write  it  up;
        around willing to do it.  In years past,                                      email  it  to  Sentineleditor10@msn.
        we  had  associate  editors  who  could                                       com.  And don’t worry about where
        step  in  and  take  over,  who  helped                                       the  commas  go  and  how  to  spell
        (over coffee or a glass of wine!) de-                                         “schism.”  Getting that stuff right is
        cide what went in and what didn’t, how we handled complaints   my job—and I have several really good helpers who are adept
        about advertisers, etc.                                    at such things!  You job is communicating with your neigh-
                                                                   bors—entertain, educate, share.  All participation encouraged!
        The last involved associate editor moved away several years   ~KDale
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